How Each Sign Can Find Peace During Covid-19 Crisis

dove.jpgTimes of crisis and upheaval challenge our ability to live up to our better nature. Yet we can all strive to find silver lining and make sense of Covid-19 crisis.

We can even find peace during times of crisis and transition. Here is how each of the Sun Signs finds peace during times of dramatic upheaval and uncertainty.



aries.pngSun in Aries is the leader and warrior of the zodiac. In times of calm, they are naturally on edge looking for the next opportunity to spring to action.

This is because they are drawn to conflict as they strive to be heroes or heroines. During a crisis, the last thing Aries is going to do is to sit down and be patient. Telling them to calm down is pointless.

They’re active by nature. They need to move and channel their restless energy. For Aries, the best way to find peace, or the closest they come to it, in a crisis is by being active as part of the solution.
In some situations if it is feasible to do so, Aries may find centering and calming through the martial arts as they can both move and move energy in an intentional way. Otherwise they need to feel like they are contributing to solving the problem.



taurus.pngSun in Taurus strives to find security. The best way for those born under this sign to find peace and calm during a crisis is to help them become grounded in their body.

Meditation and grounding exercises are helpful. Gardening, cooking or baking is likely to appeal to them. They are practical and may come to a point where they outline what they can and can’t change.

Once it’s clear that a situation is out of their hands, they will put their energy into what they have control over. They are also sensual. Creating a relaxing atmosphere such as soft lighting, calming music and comfortable surroundings goes a long way.

They may stress-eat but will be distracted by this, rather than actually finding peace. Instead they should look for strive to remain in the present, making a gratitude list or finding abundance where they can find it.



gemini.pngSun in Gemini is the messenger of the zodiac. Intellectual and charming, outgoing and social, they have active minds and calming down can be a challenge even in normal circumstances.

Quieting a Gemini’s mind can be a tall order. Instead of trying to empty or silence their active minds, they should try to write in a journal or use creative writing or other forms of communication to express their worries and fears.

They can also be avid readers and may be drawn to stories, even fiction, that mimics the crisis they are experiencing. By reading about accounts of survival, hope and transformation they can try to adapt to changes and crises by seeking the positive.

Friends are also important to support groups and connection with others are important during crisis.



cancer.pngSun in Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac. They are protective and highly sensitive. Their biggest struggle in a crisis is the impact it has on their emotions.

Cancer can find peace during a crisis by connecting with family members and loved ones. By creating a sense of home no matter where they are during a crisis can be important to them.

Cancer looks for food or finances for comfort but reminding them that security comes in other forms can go a long way in a crisis. Highly affectionate, snuggling with loved ones or the family dog when possible is comforting and soothing the Cancers.



leo.pngSun in Leo is a creative, generous leader. During crisis they may enjoy being in the spotlight as a hero or heroine and may genuinely try to use their optimism to encourage others.

But their own sensitivity and anxiety may be spiked. To calm down, Leos can channel their creative energy through the expressive arts.

They are also great storytellers so finding an audience to entertain can help to soothe their nerves. Being admired and praised by others makes them feel secure but sometimes they aren’t able to be in control.

Working on surrendering to the process, meditation and spiritual practices can help them set aside the ego and take stock of the bigger picture.



virgo.pngSun in Virgo can appear calm and organized in a crisis because they are typically high strung and always waiting for the worst case scenario to occur.

They’ve got a plan for everything but all this mental energy and anticipation can take a toll on them.

When stressed by a crisis, Virgo can find calm and peace by finding ways to be of service to others but also by recognizing and coming to terms with what they can’t change and don’t have control over.

Virgo may cover every essential detail but overlook other important things like breathing. Structured meditations and breathing techniques can help Virgo settle down in a crisis.



libra.pngSun in Libra craves balance and harmony. They are devastated by crisis because it rocks their sense of equilibrium. During crisis they may be more concerned about their partner than themselves as well.

Libra needs to be restored to balance by turning to humanities and the arts. For Libra to find peace during a crisis they may turn to their loved ones to find comfort and grounding.

Libra is also creative and artistic and turning to painting, drawing, music and the arts to express pent up frustration and fears.

Libra can be highly intellectual but that intellectual strength can also translate into anxiety if not careful. Libra can find soothing through relaxing music and films that connect with their feelings during a crisis.



scorpio.pngSun in Scorpio is the detective of the zodiac. They love mystery and want to get at the truth. It’s natural for Scorpio to see crisis as a necessary catalyst for significant transformation.

Though they keep their demeanor calm, Scorpio is a water sign. They’re deeply sensitive and intuitive. They can have a hard time dealing with any situation in which they can’t be in control.

To help calm down, Sun in Scorpio can lose themselves in a mystery or horror novel. Yes even during crisis dark and enigmatic topics appeal to Scorpio.

They can also find outlets that they do feel able to control such as managing rescue efforts or helping others facilitate their own deeper transformation. They can also find calm through intimate conversations with loved ones and metaphysical outlets such as meditation and ritual.



sagittarius.pngSun in Sagittarius is the philosopher king or queen of the zodiac. They are optimistic and spiritual and are also drawn to healing, medicine and law.

They always look for the purpose, meaning and silver lining in any situation. Though they don’t usually panic, they can get carried away with idealistic hopes that aren’t practical during a crisis.

To a Sagittarius, a period of dramatic upheaval may seem like their whole world is crashing down. They are likely to be truly blindsided because they think the best of every situation.

To help regain composure and find peace during a crisis, Sagittarius has to find purpose and higher wisdom through the process. They’ll tolerate sacrifice, change, loss and even confinement if there is a benefit to humanity and society.



capricorn.pngSun in Capricorn is the business person of the zodiac. Controlled, hard working, used to self-discipline and perseverance, Sun in Capricorn doesn’t adapt to change well.

They also don’t get frazzled in a crisis. At least they don’t show it. They may distract themselves with work and obsession about finances. They may become stuck in the past and not adapt to needed changes easily.

During a crisis the best way Capricorn can find peace is to connect with elders in the family or connect with the wisdom from their ancestors and older generations.

When a crisis can be reframed as returning to a simpler time or coming back to basics, Capricorn can tolerate it easier than seeing it as chaos. Sticking to routines as much as possible brings calm as well. If possible, hands on crafts or work in building, crafts or tinkering in an office or workshop helps them relieve stress.



aquarius.pngSun in Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac. They live life like someone perpetually on a rollercoaster.

They’re used to change because they see it coming a mile away. By the time crisis hits, its old news to Aquarius. But they are sensitive to the energies of those around them and having a unique view has its toll as well.

They thrive on social connections so finding like minded people who appreciate their awareness is helpful. Aquarius also finds calm during a crisis by being inventive and creative, working toward solutions not just for individuals but also for society at large.

They may use technology or progressive, unusual ideas to present new ways of changing society in the midst of crisis. Knowing progress can be made is reassuring for them.



pisces.pngSun in Pisces is the creative mystic of the zodiac. They are highly sensitive and spiritually connected and have rich imaginations.

They can also be escapists. This is their natural defense however it can also lead them to not confront crisis directly.

Pisces can be calmed by connection to their loved ones who reassure their sensitive emotions. They can become entrenched in others’ sorrow which only adds to their own stress.

Pisces can be calmed through creative and artistic endeavors and through spiritual practices like meditation. Finding spiritual significance and symbolic meaning in crisis is also important to them.

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