How Each Sign Handles Social Distancing

distancing.jpg Although this term was virtually unheard of just a few months ago, it seems like all over the world this is the phrase we are hearing over and over again.

Social Distancing is a practice of keeping personal space even when in public and breaking tradition of social gatherings for entertainment on both large and small scales to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Some Signs adjust to this new normal much easier than others. Here’s a look at how each of the Sun Signs handles social distancing.



aries.pngSun in Aries has no problem keeping a distance, they were already sprinting ahead of the crowd because they love to stay active and ahead of the game.
The hard part of social distancing for the warrior of the zodiac is simply that they don’t like being confined in any way. They’re initiators and leaders. If they can see social distancing as a way to protect their loved ones and a courageous way to take the lead in spreading a new initiative, they’ll buy into it.

But if they feel like they’re being told what to do or being controlled by a higher authority (government, medical industry for example) they will have a hard time because it’s a matter of following someone else’s direction.

Still, give them room to exercise solo and opportunity to connect with others from a distance and share their daily adventures and they’ll be ok.


taurus.pngTaurus has been waiting for the day that they could interact with others without it being assumed that they want a hug or a handshake.

They’re fine with personal space and aces at setting boundaries. They can be affectionate but have no problem telling others to back off, especially when their health or security is at risk.

The hard part of social distancing for Taurus is they can’t get together with friends at their favorite restaurant. A bit on the old fashioned side, they aren’t keen on teleconferencing but will be happy to get to spend the day in the comforts of home.

Taurus does just fine with breathing room and may be glad to have personal space as a new normal.



gemini.pngGemini is the chatty and witty social butterfly of the zodiac.

They’ll struggle with having to cancel the parties, events, concerts and picnics they were planning to attend. Not much really brings them down though so they’ll look to video chat and teleconferencing to fill the void.

Still, they may try to talk themselves into breaking the rules and gathering, but will do better to adapt to the current circumstances rather than put themselves or others at risk.

Gemini can take advantage of the downtime (which they hate) as an opportunity to learn new things (which they love).

Online communities will have to take the place of in person gatherings and movies, audiobooks or podcasts will have to fill the emptiness of chatter they’re accustomed to.



cancer.pngIf Cancer isn’t at home they’re not as secure and happy. If social distancing keeps them from family, they’ll worry and fret.

But if they are spending this uncertain time securely at home with family, then social distancing will not bother them much. Except they’ll miss the grocery store.

Cancer is highly affectionate and looks to family and home for security. A Cancer person living alone during quarantine is like a nightmare come true.

They’ll need lots of reassurance from a distance and may find affection from the cat, dog, or worst case scenario, a teddy bear.



leo.pngSun in Leo is an entertainer and optimist. They love being the life of the party.

They will struggle with parties being postponed and seeing their social calendar dwindle to nothing will feel like punishment to them. Still, they can make the most of social distancing by connecting with others in entertaining and inspiring ways through the internet.

They may host an online music concert or play guitar on their porch so their neighbors can hear. They are optimistic and confident and honestly, they may have picked up on the urgency a little late because they abhor caution.

But they love others and for safety’s sake they’ll adapt even though they don’t like being out of contact with their loved ones. They’ll try to start a podcast or do live broadcasts to demonstrate that they’re doing fine and may even provide comic relief.



virgo.pngYou don’t have to tell Virgo twice to keep a distance.

They’ve already been keeping tabs on everyone else’s hygiene and are relieved to not have to shake hands or give hugs.

They’re worried about their loved ones of course, but they’re also making good use of the time they now have to clean out the house, organize the last decade’s worth of household paperwork and learning a new skill through distance classes.

They have plenty to do to keep busy and when all else fails they’ll get lost in a good book. Still, expect them to text to remind you to wash your hands and to check on you. They’re just glad they can do so from a distance.



libra.pngIf Sun in Libra lives alone, this is not going to be a picnic for them. Libra doesn’t need a big crowd but they prefer partnerships.

They hate being in isolation and will try to connect with others online or by phone to break the silence. They’ll look to the arts to soothe them.

They may try to team up with friends and watch the same shows on Netflix to pass the time. If in a partnership, Libra will adjust much better to social distancing.

Still they love variety and may actually get bored with their partner from two much time together with no other friends or social outlets.



scorpio.pngHere’s a secret, Scorpio is glad they aren’t being randomly hugged by acquaintances who are way too familiar with their greetings.

Scorpio is affectionate, but they’re also private. They may have tolerated a lot more physical contact and social interaction than they really want. So the downtime in isolation works for them. They can catch up on research, studying occult topics, completing their medical degree or solving mysteries.

They care about their loved ones but reserve deep intimate relationships for a select few in their inner circle. If Scorpio is living with their intimate partner or closest family, they’re secure and fine with the distance from everyone else.

If living alone, they’ll likely miss sex before they miss other forms of social interaction.



sagittarius.pngSun in Sagittarius is spiritual and philosophical and loves to have a lot of social stimulation.

If they’re on a mission they are happy whether in isolation or in a crowd. But they hate boredom and they need freedom. If they are stuck at home with the same people, no matter how much they love their family, they’ll miss the distraction of other contacts.

Sagittarius likely misses travel and autonomy more than they miss social interactions, they always stood apart from the crowd anyway.

But they can easily feel confined at home. This is a difficult time for Sagittarius but they find plenty of interests and hobbies to keep their minds busy and distracted.



capricorn.pngSun in Capricorn didn’t know that social distancing was a thing. To them, it is normal.

They prefer to be behind the scenes where they can be productive and focus on work. Where the new changes will hit close to home is their love of tradition.

Sun in Capricorn will have to adapt to missing religious services, weddings or other annual or holiday traditions which are an important part of their routines. Even keeping a distance at home, though, Capricorn will find ways to keep themselves occupied.

They have many projects they’ve been meaning to get to and may take this as an opportunity to learn to do things the old fashioned way such as sewing or washing clothes from home or cooking their favorite meals from scratch.



aquarius.pngSun in Aquarius surprisingly struggles with social distancing more than you may guess. While they’re highly independent and relatively detached, they do love crowds.

They were planning to attend rallies, arts events, performances and trade shows. Though they are highly flexible and independent, they like to balance this energy with the energy of the crowd.

Sun in Aquarius will adapt by using their love of technology to replace their previous in person community groups and gatherings.

As long as they have a wifi connection and the comfort of their numerous books, gadgets and access to online communities, they’ll be ok.



pisces.pngSun in Pisces may struggle the most with social distancing.

They love to lose themselves in relationships and want to immerse themselves in drum circles, passionate romance, family gatherings and spiritual or other communities.

They love to share the energy of creativity and art, music making and other forms of personal contact. They’re affectionate and loving but also sympathetic to those who are suffering.

They’ll adapt because they know intuitively that it is the way to healing but they will be happier if they have a partner to snuggle with and other ways to remain in close contact with loved ones through online connection. Their moods and desire for security will be triggered but listening to music or painting can help them cope.



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