How Each Sign can be Transformed During Coronavirus Times


aries.pngAries is dynamic and can be domineering because their ambition and passion is so strong. In a time of crisis, they can be quick to take the lead and may act on instinct or impulse to respond to emergencies.

They are courageous and focused but can miss the broader picture as they try to singlehandedly put out fires.

A crisis can help Aries flex their muscles and channel their bravery. At the same time, if Aries is to be changed for good during a crisis, they will become more community minded.
Crisis can help Aries become more socially conscious and act on behalf of the vulnerable and not just on their own fears and desires.


taurus.pngSun in Taurus is grounded in the practical and desires security and comfort. Crisis can be a catalyst for change but Taurus resists change because it’s scary.

One of the major transformations Taurus can experience is to recognize that physical comfort and security are an illusion.

Taurus can also be transformed by recognizing their resources, abundance and comfort come not from the stock market or from the bank account but from having more practical resources.

They may also become more creative, resourceful and innovative because of a crisis.


gemini.pngSun in Gemini is optimistic, charming and potentially adaptive and playful. Even in a crisis they don’t usually work up too much of a sweat because they can easily adjust their lifestyle and love to learn about new things.

But if Gemini is going to allow themselves to be transformed for the better, they need to acknowledge the severity of the situation.

Once they do, Gemini can be transformed by finding greater spirituality and reverence rather than seeing only the objective facts and data associated with a challenge.

This is an important time for Gemini to get in touch with their emotional side and not just live in their logical minds. They can become more compassionate and empathic during crisis.



cancer.pngSun in Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac.

Cancer is intuitive and highly sensitive and may respond to a crisis by retreating into their shell or by showing their compassion for community as extended family.

If they are able to awaken to their purpose or mission during a crisis, they will set aside their desire for financial or emotional security and try to nurture others in the larger community.

Cancer can be transformed by finding inner security, developing their potential for leadership and by using their resources to nurture and protect others rather than only thinking of their families and their own immediate needs.


leo.pngSun in Leo is a natural leader and will want to step up to the plate and entertain, engage and inspire others. While Leo looks to empower others they have life lessons related to keeping their ego in check.

A crisis is one potential catalyst for Leo to remember their mission to be of service by modeling confidence and optimism without making things about them.

If they embrace the potential transformation that crisis can bring, they may embrace their generous and altruistic side.

They are also likely to become beacons of hope for others and can draw on their creativity to help solve problems and help others feel optimistic.

virgo.pngSun in Virgo is service oriented and tends to be humble and analytical. They can become critical and be perfectionists.

During a crisis though, Virgo’s desire for control and order are deeply challenged. This can be extremely frustrating but can also lead to personal transformation for Virgo.

If they embrace this transformation, Virgo can find ways to be of service and continue to be resourceful and practical but with greater adaptability.

Crisis can help Virgo make peace with uncertainty and accept that their desire to control their surroundings was always an illusion.


libra.pngLibra needs harmony, peace and connection in order to thrive. Crisis that brings separation, chaos and uncertainty can rock Libra’s sense of stability.

In response, Libra can find deeper transformation through finding empowerment and trusting in their own instincts rather than feeling the need to rely heavily on others’ opinions.

Also, Libra can channel their artistic and creative interests in order to uplift and inspire others. Crisis can be a turning point for Libra. It can show Libra their own strength and their potential to take initiative.

Libra can come to recognize their mission as a facilitator and healer and can become more assertive as they need to set stronger boundaries to protect themselves.



scorpio.pngScorpio is intense and likes to dig deep to get to the core of any situation.

During a crisis they channel their intuition and instincts to uncover concealed layers, inviting healing by excavating underlying truths. Scorpio is literally the sign of dramatic and intense personal transformation.

Scorpio can find themselves transformed by crisis because they will learn about the nature of power. Scorpio is easily distracted or deluded by the idea of power as domination or being in control.

But by nature, crisis proves the loss of power and control. This is an important wake up call for Scorpio and can bring them into alignment with their purpose as healers and initiators.


sagittarius.pngSun in Sagittarius is a philosopher and philanthropist. Sagittarius can be transformed by crisis and can use their influence and broad perspective to help uplift others during crisis.

Though Sagittarius loves to be a wanderer and explorer during times of stability, times of crisis can threaten their sense of self-determinism and individuality. They can use crisis as a turning point to discover their capacity to lead others but will first have to find a sense of responsibility to the community, not just to their own interests.

Sagittarius can use their optimism and wisdom to become advocates and leaders for others but will need to come to terms with their desire for pleasure and abundance. Crisis challenges this part of Sagittarius’ nature.

When faced with restrictions, limitations and scarcity, Sagittarius will be transformed because they learn to share and to prioritize, they learn what is essential as opposed to what is disposable luxuries. They can also become more spiritually connected through crisis.


capricorn.pngSun in Capricorn is enduring and doesn’t mind a degree of struggle because they thrive on restriction and self-discipline.

They don’t like change, though. This is going to be their biggest challenge during a crisis as Capricorn tries to hold on to the past.

As they value tradition, Capricorn will try to cling to the way things used to be. Crisis can bring them an opportunity to restructure their lifestyle and dramatically change their expectations.

They will need to let go of the past but can also learn from how past conflicts were handled. Drawing from history while being open to changes in the current situation will help Capricorn emerge from crisis as a stable, practical and steady leader.


aquarius.pngSun in Aquarius is the sign of a rebel and innovator. They can be adaptable and flexible.

They are intuitive and can sense the direction crises may take even when events haven’t fully taken shape. Aquarius doesn’t seek leadership but may become the quirky voice of reason because they can sense what is to come.

Aquarius can transform from staunch individualist to socially conscientious inventor and healer. Aquarius can pave the way for greater changes that have not yet taken shape.

Aquarius may be forced to face restrictions and while they’ll never fully conform they may have to accept some limitations for the benefit of community safety and stability.


pisces.pngSun in Pisces is a natural empath and healer and can be overwhelmed during a crisis. Pisces is sensitive, compassionate and creative.

They can be prone to seeking escapism and falling for illusions and conspiracy theories or can look to crisis as an opportunity to be of service to the larger community.

Pisces can help others find their compassionate, nurturing side and can empathize with those from various walks of life. They can remind people of the importance of spiritual connection and look to find higher purpose and meaning during a crisis.

Pisces may also align with the higher collective consciousness during a crisis and find their own personal healing through the shared experience of grief and transformation.

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