Sun and Mars aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you assert your will?

    By 12andus

    assert-will-466.jpg Sun conjunct Mars

    Your will is well supported by your personal energy and by your power. You are hard working.

    You wish to be recognized just because of your presence, without justifying these expectations with actual achievements. This can seem arrogant and pretentious.

    On the other hand, you can stimulate people to express their energy and opinions in a straightforward way. You radiate enthusiasm and power, which can be absorbed by others.

    Often you end up irritating people with your superior and competitive attitude. Even when you don't feel competitive, this is what people will see because of your strong personality and direct way of expressing your opinions and your will.

    You take any point of view different from yours as a personal attack.

    Be careful that your quick and impulsive reactions don't create troubles with people or contribute to accidents.

    Sun sextile Mars

    You have a high degree of self-confidence and leadership skills. You aren't afraid to get into controversial or dangerous tasks, since you are supported by your inner strength.

    You start every endeavor with enthusiasm and creativity and you are generous in supporting others. Action is well balanced with planning, even though sometimes a bit more planning wouldn't hurt.

    You tend to act first and think later. You don’t shy away from controversy yet it is easier for you to be true to your courageous nature when you have some group consensus and support from others.

    You always express your point of views firmly. You may be more successful if you listen to others and not impose your point of view.

    Sun square Mars

    When your ideas are challenged, you feel it as a personal attack to your credibility. Your reactions can be extreme and insensitive. You value freedom, but you might end up feeling frustrated when faced with obstacles to reaching your goals, thus becoming trapped in compulsively working.

    Frustration, anger and impatience are part of your attitude. Instead of contributing energy to chaos and anger, when frustration comes, you need to learn to slow down and take a break for a while.

    Since you tend to base your self-worth on the battles you win instead of on the inner qualities you gain, you are constantly at war with the world. This is going to drain your inner resources and isolate you from others.

    Sun trine Mars

    You seem to be lucky and even when you engage in dangerous work or risk taking behavior, you always manage to avoid major catastrophes.

    You also have a natural aptitude for athletics though you may not always feel motivated enough by competition to push yourself to your limits unless doing so will help you gain recognition.

    You are passionate about enjoying life as deeply and fully as you can. You may take risks without worrying about the consequences and generally may be lucky in avoiding pitfalls.

    You love a challenge and are likely to see things through to the end as long as you are engaged in activities that are fun, playful or give you a chance to be in the spotlight.

    Sun opposite Mars

    You tend to push yourself too much at times, having periodic bursts of energy only to then feel exhausted. You need to take breaks before it’s too late.

    You love to argue for the sake of arguing and this can alienate you from others. Often you make life harder for yourself by insisting on conquering the biggest obstacle first. You aren’t driven by necessity in many cases, but by the desire to be able to stand back and marvel at your accomplishments and share them with others.

    Unfortunately you are more likely to become frustrates and burned out than you are to actually succeed in the heroic endeavors as you imagine in your mind.

    Learning to balance and moderate your intense energy and passion will be extremely helpful to you.

    Sun quincunx Mars

    Your energy level is inconsistent with your focus and ambitions. You may start out on the right track only to burn out or get distracted chasing every notion that you think will lead to success and status.

    Your ego will lead you off course until you learn to balance your desire for fame and notoriety with your higher purpose.

    In time and with experience you will learn to be a better conduit of personal energy and you will develop the motivation to stick with your plans for the long term, putting whatever effort is necessary into accomplishing your goals.

    You may have to overcome issues with anger management in the early part of your life. Lessons around channeling your frustrations appropriately may plague you but once you have worked through these lessons your experiences can help fuel your mission to help others.

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