Sun and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How is your personality in relationship with the image you project on others?


    personality-image-466.jpg Sun conjunct Ascendant

    Since your external appearance is in harmony with your inner personality, you make a strong impact on people.

    There's a synergy between your will and your actions. You project an image of self-confidence. Others might see you as a reference point and you might have good leadership qualities.

    Just don't let these leadership skills make you despotic and intolerant.

    Sun sextile Ascendant

    Your personality and the image you project on others are connected in a harmonic way. People usually welcome and recognize you as a leader.

    Your attitude is generally friendly and straightforward. Even when you are in an authoritarian role, you can convey your leadership skills in a way that doesn't challenge or hurt others.

    Confidence in anything you do is a quality that facilitates your success in work and in relationships. Just be careful not to slip into over-confidence, which might be seen as arrogance.

    Sun square Ascendant

    To minimize misunderstandings, you need to be more aware of the image you project on others and the way you express yourself.

    Often you convey an image of being selfish or a bit bossy, even though you don't mean it.

    You have a cooperative nature, but you might be too sensitive to criticism, taking everything personally. You care about your external image in a way that sometimes borders on conceit.

    You need relationships and need to share and depend on others, but fear of being rejected causes you to become defensive and as a result you erect walls of self-importance, which actually feeds the potential for rejection.

    Sun trine Ascendant

    You are a diplomatic leader and easily express your true identity. You aren’t afraid to show your strengths and have a confident attitude in all you do. You are likely to inspire the confidence of others thanks to your optimism and courage.

    You may end up attracting opportunities to advance your career or to lead others without even trying hard to ascend to these types of roles. When you are in a leadership role you prefer to be encouraging and uplifting rather than micro managing or authoritative.

    Sun opposite Ascendant

    You want to be seen as charming, diplomatic and creative, yet your ego and ambition may get in the way of embodying the image you hoped to project. You may come across as more demanding or self centered than you intended.

    You may actually feel insecure about who you are and what your strengths are yet rather than exploring and working through your insecurities you are more likely to project a strong image and overcompensate for your perceived short comings through a dynamic or even grandiose attitude.

    Sun quincunx Ascendant

    You may struggle to assert your individual needs and dreams in your relationships with others. You may vacillate between playing small and undermining your own ambition at first. Eventually, however, your true self will burst forth and you will feel compelled to pursue your own interests, this time without considering others.

    With time and experience you can grow to become both self aware and confident yet also conscious of the needs of those around you. When you develop this awareness you will be better able to cooperate, collaborate and even lead others from an optimistic, enthusiastic standpoint.

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