Moon and Mars aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you work with the energies of intimacy, decisiveness and romantic passion?

    By 12andus

    2-6-emotions-to-the-world.jpg 2-6-emotions-to-the-world.jpg Moon conjunct Mars

    Your decisions are mostly a direct and unfiltered consequence of your intense feelings.

    Sometimes your emotions can get out of control and you might react with strong outbreaks, which can become fearsome to people around you.

    This happens especially when you feel threats to your sense of security, so it's basically a self-protection measure which goes into overdrive.

    You need to discriminate between when you are actually hurt and when you are overly sensitive to any form of criticism.

    You need to establish clear borders between your intimate circle of friends and family and the external world, which you consider as being generally hostile.

    Moon sextile Mars

    Your feelings and impulses are quite powerful, but mostly you can manage them in a harmonic way.

    You assert yourself directly, you don't hide your feelings and you can face emotional turmoil and make your decisions without fear.

    You can see people's emotional vulnerabilities and weaknesses, but you are careful not to hurt them. You feel compassionate toward those who appear to be the most vulnerable and you try to support them as much as you can.

    You protect the people you care for and you vehemently defend what you regard as your territory.

    Moon square Mars

    Your desires and impulses get a priority lane, but you need to be more sensitive to others' feelings. You need to stop, take a deep breath and question whether those feelings are really justified.

    Your decisions are subject to your emotional turmoil. When the feelings become heated, you need to stop and let the emotional heat subside before making important decisions you might later regret.

    You may ignore your emotional needs and inner world until you have placed so much pressure on yourself that it effects your health, emotional security or mental health. Under pressure, you can be reminded to respect the tides of your emotions and the wisdom of your intuition.

    Moon trine Mars

    You are fiercely loyal to your loved ones and your nurturing instincts can bring out your inner warrior when you perceive that those you care about are in danger. You can be passionate and emotionally reactive.

    Although you can be quick to anger you are also typically quick to forgive and act as if nothing ever happened. This is because you are subject to the cycles of emotional energy and your moods can change quickly.

    Your creativity and emotional sensitivity can be harnessed as powerful motivation. You are more likely to become passionate about issues that have at one time touched you or someone you love on a personal level.

    Once you are fired up about an issue you can become a strong advocate. You are compassionate and nurturing but also appreciate strong boundaries and aren’t afraid to assert yourself.

    Moon opposite Mars

    By being oversensitive you want to safeguard yourself and the people you care for even when there aren't any actual perils.

    You try to keep your anger contained, but people can sense those feelings beneath the calm surface.

    Often, explosive reactions come from your childhood conditioning, especially in your relationship with your mother. You may have perceived her as an adversary instead of an ally.

    It is especially important for you to be careful not to take your frustrations out on people who are emotionally close to you, like your family.

    Also, don't act like you were entitled and others are there to fulfill your emotional needs. You don't easily accept “no” for an answer, which triggers your early life rejection issues.

    Your intense and strong emotions need to be channeled. Active forms of meditation can release your impulses in a safe setting and teach you restraint and discipline. Also, theater and acting can help you to live your feelings through art and by enriching then with awareness. Playing sports also might help.

    Since you have an active imagination, writing can become a way to channel your emotions in a healthy way.

    Moon quincunx Mars

    You may feel restless and edgy because of intense emotions that you don’t know how to manage. You express your passions and emotions in a way that runs hot and cold. Mostly this is because you fear your emotional depths.

    The more you suppress your feelings and ignore your intuition, the stronger your impulses become. You may mistake ego for instinct until you learn to discern the difference.

    After you have burned bridges with people close to you or grown tired of hiding behind suspicions and defensiveness, you will likely become more open to learning ways to channel your intense emotional energy.

    When you discover how your energy can be motivating and inspire courage and confidence, you will become more successful and potentially become an intuitively guided leader.

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