Moon and Uranus aspects in the Birth Chart: Are freedom and independence compatible with your feelings and with your relationships?

    By 12andus

    2-8-feelings-freedom.jpg Moon conjunct Uranus

    Your personality is unusual and exciting. Your feelings are varied and unrestrained.

    You value freedom and independence and you will never do without. You hardly accept limitations.

    When you experience emotional challenges, you tend to turn to your intellect and rationality to sort things out. You feel somehow threatened by just feeling the emotions and you want to box them into an intellectual frame.

    You value friendships and others value you as a person who accepts and understands them.

    Equality and justice are pillars in your value system and you don't refrain from fighting for people's rights, especially by defending those you perceive to be most vulnerable.

    You seek emotional excitement, but the intensity of your emotions produces nervous tensions that can result in anxiety and nervous imbalances. You switch your emotions quickly and you don't care if you look a bit crazy in others' eyes.

    Ordinary partners and people fail to turn you on. You need an uncommon, unconventional and maybe even weird partner.

    Your imagination is also unconventional and creative. You come up with original and brilliant inventions and are attracted to anything non-mainstream as astrology.

    However, you tend to change your focus and interest quite often, so that without persistence, few of your projects reach the end.

    Moon sextile Uranus

    Freedom and independence are at the top of your priorities. People around you see you as a free spirit who enjoys sharing your attitude with like-minded people.

    Your intuitive qualities, both in the emotional/emphatic and highly technical areas are well developed.

    Social issues are on top of the list of your concerns and you engage your energy to improve the social and political conditions of vulnerable people.

    You are curious, and you seek unusual and non-mainstream knowledge. Your ideas, projects and inventions are original and amazing, sometimes even shocking for conventional people.

    Moon square Uranus

    Your seeking for excitement borders on a lack of self-control. Sometimes you push things too far in your bizarre behavior and people become shocked, or you might even get into trouble with authority figures.

    Too often you don't ponder your actions carefully, and don't consider the impact of your actions on other people. Also, your behavior can look selfish in others' eyes.

    You should not follow every impulse by slowing down your frenzied feelings and accepting the softer emotions which you feel are threatening to your independence.

    Moon trine Uranus

    You are independent, intuitive and creative. Your intelligence comes from your intellect as well as your gut feeling. You are tuned in to higher wisdom as well and easily channel divine guidance. As a result you may appear unusual, since you are so ahead of your time. Your visionary thinking combines with your compassionate nature and you easily have a pulse on upcoming changes and trends in society.

    Although you can be a rebel and unconventional, your charm and sensitivity endear you to others. Others may admire your ingenuity where they would criticize someone else for holding the same views you have. You love security yet you are also willing to adapt and break from tradition if it will lead to better conditions especially for families, communities and society at large.

    Moon opposite Uranus

    It is hard for you to balance relationships with your need for freedom and independence.

    You tend to deny your vulnerable and soft feelings, finding intellectual reasons in order not to really feel them.

    You want security and connection to home and family yet at the same time you rebel against any form of intimacy that threatens your independent nature.

    You fear being confined and may use shocking behavior or sudden outbursts to alienate yourself from others. You don’t understand how to use subtle communication to set boundaries and instead may go to extremes. Your moods may be erratic as well and change on a whim.

    Moon quincunx Uranus

    Your early life experiences may create emotional insecurity and fears of intimacy. You are likely to both fear being abandoned and fear losing your independence in relationships. As a result you are likely to push others away through shocking and erratic behavior.

    You may justify this by saying that you are following your unique vision and to some extent this may be true. However, with time and maturity you will come to realize that there is a difference in the energy of your defenses and the energy of your commitment to your higher ideals which may not always be socially acceptable.

    Once you have learned to distinguish this difference you will be able to trust yourself to feel your full spectrum of emotions, even vulnerability, being true to your experience but not needing to be reactive or disruptive to others.

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