Mercury and Mars aspects in the Birth Chart: Are your ideas and action aligned?


    3-5-ideas-actions.jpg Mercury conjunct Mars

    Your ideas are powerful, creative and sometimes disruptive.

    You have a restless mind and might be a passionate speaker. You are curious to know a variety of different intellectual subjects.

    You aren't afraid to get into verbal conflicts and quarrels. Arguments are enjoyable for you, but you should be careful not to hurt people through your direct words.

    Your intellectual ego doesn't accept verbal defeats and you might bend truth in order to win an argument.

    You can excel in professional roles such as that of a lawyer or coach or in fields like marketing, acting, copywriting, or publishing.

    When somebody deceives you, your reaction is strong and sharp.

    Consider limiting your verbal outbursts to improve your connection with people.

    Mercury sextile Mars

    Your mind is sharp and you have explosive creative energy, with sudden insights.

    You get the point of the matter quickly and can reach a deep understanding about many subjects. You are a free thinker, intolerant to any intellectual sycophancy.

    Since you are attracted by new ideas, what you might lack is sustained concentration to finish your projects.

    You can be verbally convincing, making you perfect for marketing positions, political or philosophical debates.

    Mercury square Mars

    You have a great amount of mental and verbal energy though you do not always express it in a balanced way.

    Your mental restlessness and impatience make you interrupt people while they are talking. You anticipate their words, but often your guess isn't right.

    You tend to act first and think or talk later. You might become rude or verbally abusive.

    You might consider slowing down the speed of your mind to avoid nervous breakdowns.

    Channel your mental energy through writing or release the mental tension by meditation. Specifically, gibberish meditation might help to discharge the mental tension.

    Also, being a field reporter where you can move your physical energy along with your mental energy would be suited to you.

    Mercury trine Mars

    You have explosive creative energy, with sudden insights.

    You get the point of the matter quickly and can reach a deep understanding about many subjects.

    You easily turn your ideas into action. Sometimes you even rush too quickly to bring your ideas into practice, risking sabotaging your project with unplanned and messy actions stemming from instinct only.

    You can be witty, satirical and sarcastic. Ranting and political debates are some of your preferred intellectual activities.

    Your persuasiveness can border on dominance at times as you don’t take no for an answer and can be a shrewd negotiator.

    Mercury opposite Mars

    You tend to act impulsively and this can undermine your success or work the plans your logical mind is mapping out for you. Your mind works quickly and you may spring into action before you have considered all aspects of a situation.

    When angered, which can be frequently, you are also inclined to speak defensively without consideration for the other person’s views or feelings.

    You may feel an emotional release once you have gotten things off your chest and calmed down yet it may be too late to take back what was said and you may damage your relationships as a result.

    Grounding exercises like meditation or even physical exercise to release tension can be helpful to you. As you move energy in your physical body you will be able to sort out your thoughts and you may come up with good ideas and resolutions while dancing, walking, jogging or doing martial arts.

    Mercury quincunx Mars

    You will experience numerous harsh lessons early in life as a result of your impulsivity and carelessness with words.

    It will take time, maturity and life experience to teach you how to manage your anger effectively. While you are learning these lessons, you are likely to burn bridges because you jump into action and make assumptions before all facts are known.

    Your passions can be intense and you react by becoming verbally aggressive or abusive. You may be more defensive than you realize.

    When you learn to channel your energy more effectively you can be highly motivational and enthusiastic. You can lead others as a coach or speaker and may advocate for others through your words and writing.

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