Venus and Saturn aspects in the Birth Chart: Is your attitude toward love serious and long lasting?


4-7-love-serious.jpg Venus conjunct Saturn

Your attitude toward relationships is marked by seriousness and long-term planning.

You seek a partner who is also serious, honest, mature and deep.

Even though you don't express your affection openly, you are loyal and steady with your partner.

People might see you as aloof and cold, but you are careful to show your affection only when you are sure of it being reciprocated.

You put lots of efforts in keeping your relationship. Sometimes you become resentful when your efforts aren't mirrored.

You need to be aware of your self-worth and to give your energy only to people who reciprocate to avoid being taken advantage of.

You are quite careful about your finance and tend to save money to in order to create a sense of security for the future. You prefer to sacrifice today for a brighter future.

Fear of loneliness follows you throughout your life and is part of the reason why you seek security in the financial form.

Professional success is one of your priorities and you give much time and attention to your career.

Your ideal partnership would involve working with your mate to reach common goals.

Venus sextile Saturn

You are serious and are also attracted to a serious and mature partner as a guarantee to a long-term relationship.

You don't show your affection easily, especially in public, reserving romantic gestures only for people who are worth receiving it.

You aren't picky, but before exposing your true feelings you need to be sure that your love would be reciprocated.

You need security in your love life and in your financial area and you are willing to work hard both for your relationship and your career, but only if you really trust the person.

Dedication to the relationship will yield positive results in time.

Your partner might also be your business partner. You like to work together for a common goal.

Venus square Saturn

You seek and need seriousness and honesty in your relationships.

You don't easily show your affection openly as you are afraid others would make demands on you, and you aren't good in avoiding responsibilities.

You need to relax more by not considering everything as a duty.

Otherwise you end up treating relationships like a chore to be endured or a means to an end. You may feel like you are unlucky in love or that you have to make great personal and financial sacrifices to uphold a relationship.

You may also feel that relationships are too demanding on your time and resources, as a result you may want long term relationships but fear the responsibility involved.

Venus trine Saturn

You are more likely to be attracted to a partner who doubles as both romantic companion and business collaborator. Your greatest successes come as a result of your ability to blend diligent practical effort and relationships to key people.

You may be more traditional in your views and therefore attract older people or be drawn to people with more traditional values.

You are hard working and love to create both beauty and security. You love objects that serve a purpose and are also aesthetically pleasing. You may also have a collection of antiques that have monetary and personal value.

You easily attract wealth and abundance and you seek quality in your purchases. In some ways you may be frugal but you never cut corners when it comes to value and comfort. You prefer to be with a partner who is equally committed to quality and shows good judgment in their spending and saving habits.

You are interested in long term relationships and may view romantic relationships as a business merger, looking at both emotional and practical aspects.

Venus opposite Saturn

You seek and need seriousness and honesty in your relationships.

However, your view of love is rather pessimistic and your self-worth is sometimes low.

Afraid of rejection, you don't take risks in your romantic life, assuming the worst about your romantic prospects can then become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When you feel rejected, you tend to become cold and withdrawn. You need constant reassurances from your partner.

Recognition in your career compensates for your relationship disappointments.

Showing your vulnerability is not easy for you, and you don’t trust you will be welcomed with sensitivity and understanding.

You actually need to take the risk by exposing your weaker parts and stay vulnerable without wearing armor in front of your beloved.

Another reason why you don't show your affection openly is that you are afraid others would make demands on you, and you aren't good in avoiding responsibilities.

You need to relax more by not considering everything as a duty.

Venus quincunx Saturn

You are uncomfortable with pleasure and responsibility. When you have the opportunity for intimacy with others, you may shut down.

It is easier for you to connect with others when there is a common agenda such as a shared project or business task. At the same time, you want to be able to enjoy your life more yet feel compelled to always work or take responsibility.

You may shift your focus from pleasure seeking to all work and no play. You may experiment with both hedonism and anhedonia and still not feel like you have the right balance.

You may feel restless when you aren’t accomplishing things and time and maturity will teach you to balance your strong sense of duty with your desire and need for intimacy.

When you have learned to embrace your compassionate, vulnerable side while also maintaining your disciplined, practical side, you will be able to create secure, loving, long lasting relationships.

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