Venus and Uranus aspects in the Birth Chart: Are you open to nonconformity in love and relationships?

4-8-love-non-conformity.jpg Venus conjunct Uranus

Seeking excitement and new experiences is at the base of your attitude toward love.

You are restless to find new stimulation and to share that with friends.

Freedom is what you value most in a relationship. You can't be with a controlling person. You enjoy your own freedom and you value the freedom of your partner.

You aren't the most committed person in love and if your partner says that you are erratic, maybe it is because you are.

You tend to lose interest in anything routine and traditional, relationships included and you might become libertine in your sexual life.

Always needing new experiences will interfere with your relationships and with society in general, which you regard as being too conventional.

You might choose an open relationship or a polyamory style.

Venus sextile Uranus

You are a very social person. You love humanity and its variety.

You accept and respect any kind of differences in people.

Friends are especially important to you and you base any romantic meeting on friendship first.

You love to explore any kind of differences in human beings, being especially attracted to unusual people.

You easily attract others to you and you can be comfortable expressing your individuality, as others will admire you for it rather than alienating you.

Venus square Uranus

You need a lot of stimulation and variety in your love life.

You have high social awareness that causes you to be concerned about people's freedom and their social condition.

When boredom triggers your restless nature regarding love, you can end a relationship suddenly and unexpectedly or start a new one with a similar rush.

You need a lot of freedom from social and relationship constraints. This can alienate people from you because they might see you as unreliable.

Your ideal lover is an unconventional person who can continually stimulate you intellectually and sexually.

Your attraction to unusual things and people can, however become capricious and superficial and you can rebel against norms for the sake of it.

Your sexual orientation might be open and tolerant. By being emotionally restless, you might be attracted to unconventional kinds of relationships and sexual behavior.

Venus trine Uranus

Traditional forms of relationship are avoided. You prefer to be unconventional, experimental and are even provocative in your romance.

Anything that turns into routine will make you restless to seek a new, more stimulating relationship.

You are eager to give your time and energy for the common good and for social causes. You are sympathetic with people in need and are willing to help selflessly.

Venus opposite Uranus

You may feel pulled between your love of humanity and your need for personal freedom. You want to be loved and admired and you may want a commitment in a long term relationship yet commitment also scares you.

You feel comfortable around unusual people who are different and free spirited yet you also feel like these connections will harm your reputation and you want to be admired by others.

You may feel paradoxical desires to be loved and the desire to be free from attachment to what others think of you.

It will be to your benefit to harness your compassionate nature and understanding of unusual people and make advocacy and humanitarian campaigns part of your mission and an outlet for your energy.

Venus quincunx Uranus

You are inclined to go through bouts of desiring unconventional relationships and rebelling against relationships altogether. On some level you feel uncomfortable with intimacy and as a result you may use your penchant for rebellious behavior to shock others and alienate yourself.

This defense works well at times and keeps you from wasting your time with people who aren’t genuinely interested in you enough to accept your many quirks.

Unfortunately it can also alienate you and cause problems in relationships even with people who would value your unique qualities.

You may indiscriminately employ your defense mechanism of shocking others or abandoning relationships, pushing others away even when you want to preserve the relationship.

With maturity and life experience you can learn how to create exciting, accepting and unconventional relationships using your intense energy to bring pleasure and enthusiasm to your social connections rather than burning your bridges.

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