Venus and Pluto aspects in the Birth Chart: How are extreme feelings and depth related to your style of expressing love?

By 12andus

4-10-love-depth.jpg Venus conjunct Pluto

Intensity and depth are what you need in your relationships. Such depth becomes a tool for inner transformation and regeneration.

You emanate a magnetic fascination which either fascinates or pushes people away.

You aren't afraid to go through radical changes in your life and in society to reach your romantic or ideological aims.

Your sexual and romantic life can go through extreme highs and lows. Going through inner phases of symbolic death and rebirth is something familiar in your love life.

Not every partner will and can accept your depth. Most will be afraid to expose their true feelings and vulnerability. Your penetrating insights can intimidate others.

You tend to hide your personal feelings unless you really trust a person.

Your approach to relationships can be “all or nothing.” You can become fully committed and you need the same engagement from the other side.

You need total attraction and total commitment from others.

You care for justice, the truth, and you like to expose hypocrisies in people and society.

You might become possessive with your partner, and try to keep a relationship through control, which is going to backfire.

Venus sextile Pluto

You emanate a strong magnetism that attracts people to your sphere of influence.

People either love or hate you because your intensity doesn't allow middle ground.

You are committed to social justice and to defend the less fortunate.

You have special skills of perception and intuition which allow you to see what's under the surface and to expose uncomfortable truths.

Your passion and lust are quite strong.

Love and relationships bring you insights into your unconscious mind and deep inner evolution.

In your romantic commitments you give yourself whole heartedly and you are honest with others. You require the same engagement from your partner.

Relationship crises stimulate your personal transformation and self-understanding.

You will be totally dedicated to your profession, especially if it deals with social justice or support.

You are also skilled in wealth management, finance or marketing.

Venus square Pluto

You are intense and you emanate a strong magnetism which can be seen by others also as power with a dark side.

You might be tempted to use your magnetism as a tool to manipulate people, especially in your romantic relationships.

Your craving for emotional depth and your sex drive is quite strong and might create difficulties in your contentment because you might become compulsive.

Control in your relationships is an issue. You need to learn how to trust life and let go of a controlling attitude.

While you are drawn to controlling your partners, you might later lose interest in them.

Following your instinct and impulses isn't always the best way to deal with your relationship issues.

It is to better control your desires and obsessions. You should become aware of what your actual needs are, versus your desires.

You have the skills to become aware of your dark side and transform these impulses through awareness, but too often you indulge in your compulsions.

You should avoid being involved in extreme relationships or secret love affairs that might become destructive to both parties.

Venus trine Pluto

You are compassionate, deep and intense when it comes to relationships and expressing love. You want commitment and are serious about your romantic and sexual pursuits.

You may look to others to admire you and prove their commitment and sexuality is an important part of how you demonstrate your bond and affection to another person.

You can be intense and read right into the minds and hearts of others yet you aren’t inclined to misuse this ability. You would rather be a positive catalyst for transformation, helping to empower and uplift those you love rather than taking advantage of them.

You are likely to fall in love with those who appear powerful or who may in some way advance your status as well.

Venus opposite Pluto

You have an intense desire to be admired and loved, and an equally strong urge to always be in control. You can’t have it both ways however and you often vacillate between trying to exert your authority and dominate others, and backing away from your power, allowing others to walk all over you.

If you harness your confidence and natural sense of authority and direction and combine it with your compassionate nature and desire for harmony and peace, you will be able to attract powerful, dynamic relationships which can help you excel in career and personal life.

Until then however you can resort to being emotionally manipulative and using your charisma and sex appeal to try to get what you want from others.

Venus quincunx Pluto

You can be irresistible and charming in relationships yet you may need to grow and mature a great deal before you are able to harness your power and influence over others for the higher good.

Until this distinction is made, you may end fall into patterns of using sexuality to manipulate others. You may also become jealous easily and become obsessive in relationships.

Your relationships can be a vehicle for powerful personal transformation but you will need to be secure and confident in yourself. Avoid projecting your emotional needs onto others and giving up your power or demanding complete control in relationships.

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