Venus and North Node aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your relationships help you fulfill your purpose?

4-11-relationships-purpose.jpg Venus conjunct North Node

Throughout your life, you will find the needed teachers appearing to help uplift you and bring you closer to your destiny. This is because you radiate strong attraction energy which connects you to Karmic relationships with others.

Whether romantic in nature or not, you easily make connections with others who help you advance toward your mission. Since relationships are the vehicle for Karmic lessons and help steer you on your path to fulfilling your purpose, you are likely to attract significant others in romantic relationships who help reveal your destiny.

Venus sextile North Node

You have a compassionate nature and may feel destined to create security, beauty and harmony in the world. A natural peace keeper, you are able to bring healing to those around you through personal connection and relationships.

Significant relationships will also likely influence your destiny and mission.

You are likely to attract relationships which have a Karmic, past life or soul level connection. Both positive and challenging experiences with love and relationships help to foster your soul’s learning in this lifetime.

You discover your ultimate path through connections to those you love. Your mission may involve helping others learn the true nature of unconditional love, healing relationships, and healing through the power of love.

In this lifetime you will remember the true nature of love and will help others distinguish between healthy and unhealthy expressions of love as part of your mission.

Venus square North Node

You are given opportunities to get on track to fulfilling your destiny yet you are inclined to overlook these opportunities. When crises and challenges erupt in your life however, it can serve as the ‘reset’ you needed to open your eyes and get you back on the path you need to be on.

If you are open to seeing challenges as opportunities you will be much more successful. Often your most important teachers reveal Karmic lessons to you through tumultuous or dramatic relationships.

Venus trine North Node

You love being in relationships and are most likely to succeed in your purpose and excel when you can bring your gifts and talents to others with the help of partners and groups. You are conscientious and are mindful of how your work and mission can improve society as well as uplift those around you.

It is easy for you to attract the partners and colleagues who will help you reach your destiny and accomplish your goals. When you desire something you are able to easily attract the resources and connections needed to manifest your dreams.

It may be so easy for you in fact that you may take your strengths and good fortune for granted at times. You may feel entitled to an easy path because things naturally do tend to fall into your lap.

Venus opposite North Node

Your relationships can reveal Karmic lessons regarding love, forgiveness and healing, yet it will not be easy for you to be receptive to these lessons. You may wander into the terrain of ego and insecurity and look to relationships to validate you or bring security.

These desires will always give way to illusion and power struggles, rather than evolving into truly fulfilling relationships.

Only when you truly understand the nature of unconditional love will you come to know the difference between manipulation, control and seduction for self serving purposes, and true unconditional love.

Repeated lessons will emerge to bring you back onto the path of harmony, peace and love for yourself and others but you may have to experience the extremes of what love is not before coming to understand the truth of what love is.

You may also have the potential to fulfill your destiny with the help or guidance of others, or through lessons brought to you by your closest relationships, yet if you remain in a victim role or get sidetracked by blaming others, you will miss the greater lessons.

Venus quincunx North Node

You may wander into the terrain of ego and insecurity and look to relationships to validate you or bring security.

These desires will always give way to illusion and power struggles, rather than evolving into truly fulfilling relationships.

Early in life you may avoid Karmic lessons brought through relationships. Often these relationships are challenging and it is easier and tempting for you to see yourself as a victim of circumstances.

In time and with life experience however, you are able to come to see others as teachers regardless of the nature of the relationship. You will also be able to embrace the lessons from all of your relationships. These lessons help you evolve personally and gain clarity about your purpose.

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