Venus and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: Are your career and love life compatible?

4-12-love-careeer.jpg Venus conjunct Midheaven

You radiate love and affection and this also expands to your projects and career.

You are interested in art and beauty and you might have a career related to visual arts, music, fashion, performance or entertainment.

Your gentle and friendly attitude also makes you skilled in managing people and you can excel in human resources, diplomacy or in public relations work.

Teamwork is preferred rather than working in isolation.

You tend to avoid conflicts in your professional goals.

You have the ambition to succeed and your work can become quite popular and visible to the masses. However, sometimes you lack perseverance.

You can easily deal with people in authority roles and attract their support.

Venus sextile Midheaven

You expand your loving and affectionate feelings to others and to the public through your profession.

You love art, music, fashion, entertainment and anything that makes people's lives more beautiful and fun.

You like to decorate your house with beautiful objects.

People in important social and working positions support you because of your gentle and charming way of dealing with your profession.

You can usually reach your professional goals easily and while avoiding confrontations.

Be aware, however, of your tendency to stop trying when more sustained work is required.

Venus square Midheaven

You don’t feel comfortable directly pursuing your desired career. You may hold yourself back out of insecurities or fears. You may also become complacent or distracted with pleasure seeking.

This leads you to make decisions that conflict with your desired career path. You may not take the needed risks required to advance in your career.

When challenges arise in your career or personal life, it can be stressful yet can also be just what is needed to shake you out of your comfort zone and compel you to pursue the path that leads to ultimate success in your career.

Venus trine Midheaven

Your love life and personal relationships directly align with career advancement. You are likely to advance in your career as a result of your relationship to others.

You are also likely to attract partners who understand the value of the work you do and are willing and able to help promote you.

You are likely to excel in career paths that involve art, creativity, as well as compassion and relationships. Work such as social work, counseling, relationship coaching and wedding planning appeal to you.

Your beauty and appearance may also enhance your career, which leads you to potentially excel in work like modeling or acting.

Venus opposite Midheaven

You have a gentle and charming attitude in your public image and you apply those qualities to your profession.

You have skills in dealing and managing people.

Ambitions to climb the social ladder sometimes aren't matched by perseverance. You look for easy ways to get what you want.

You might be tempted to flatter and seduce people to feel loved and to reach your career goals.

Career and relationship are sometimes at odds with each other. Either you feel that your relationship doesn’t support your work or you feel that your career takes you away from a meaningful relationship and from life’s pleasures.

Venus quincunx Midheaven

You are insecure about your public image and the perception of your ability to succeed in It may take time, maturity and experience for you to learn to embrace your gifts and excel in your career.

One of the obstacles you face in reaching career success is that you aren’t always willing to put forth the needed effort to achieve what you desire.

You may fall prey to get rich quick schemes or invest time and money in programs to help you become successful in leadership in business only to fail to consistently apply the steps suggested.

You could have a path to success through your network and affiliations but may also rely too heavily on your social influence to pave the way for your success without also taking responsibility for your own efforts.

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