Mars and Saturn aspects in the Birth Chart: Do you use your energy in a tenacious and responsible way?

By 12andus

5-7-energy-responsible.jpg Mars conjunct Saturn

You use your energy in a well-planned and effective manner.

Even though you have a strong drive to act, you aren't impulsive and can carefully evaluate the consequences of your actions.

You are practical in your tasks and hate wasting time on something that doesn't fit with your goals.

You are well aware of your limits and won't extend yourself in directions which aren't realistic.

You combine self-assertion and self-control effortlessly.

You are more efficient when you work without interference because you need to follow your own detailed plans.

You have a lot of physical endurance and staying power.

A high degree of ambition makes you bear hardships in your path toward success.

Your discipline and concentration are strong and you might excel in occupations requiring tenacity, isolation, security, law or the military.

Sexuality is seen as a serious part of your life and you don’t take sexual encounters lightly.

You tend to carry too much responsibilities and pressures.

Mars sextile Saturn

Immediate energy expenditure and steadfast work join together to help you reach your goals in a well-planned and dynamic way.

Self-discipline greatly supports your endeavors and you can bear long lasting challenges in your path to success.

Once you commit with a partner, you are steady and faithful and you require the same level of commitment.

You give your best when you work by yourself without interference so that you can follow your plans accurately.

You give yourself totally to your tasks and to people and you resent it when you feel you aren't reciprocated.

Mars square Saturn

You are intense and driven to succeed but you often work against your own greatest good. You may get into power struggles.

When other suggest that you can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar you are likely to respond that you have no intention of attracting bees to begin with. You can be serious and sometimes cynical.

Challenges and obstacles present opportunities for you to showcase your strength and courage and also show how your ambition and hard working nature can help you to succeed.

It will be in your best interest to use these opportunities to overcome hardships and strengthen your motivation, not to lash out at others.

Mars trine Saturn

You have ample energy to manifest your goals yet you are also extremely fortunate to have the right amount of practical determination and attention to details to see you dreams reach fruition.

You easily channel your exuberance and can find the motivation to reach your goals and succeed. You are meticulous and hard working. When you build a foundation it will be stable and long lasting.

You may jump to initiate new projects but you don’t take unnecessary risks. At the same time you also don’t let your desire for security stop you from trying. You have just the right blend of initiative and patience.

Mars opposite Saturn

Your drive to accomplishing tasks is strong and you are highly motivated.

You aren't afraid to start from the very beginning and dedicate time and efforts to reach your goals.

However, you fluctuate between times of impulsive energy and times of restlessness and agitation.

When you are in your impulsive mode you risk getting involved in accidents.

If you become aware of your limits you can work in a more steady and efficient way.

You want to impose your rules and your standards on people and you might become very dogmatic.

You can get caught in a cycle of sabotage when you insist on having things your way and become too concrete and obsessive in your planning and thinking. You may also limit yourself and impose your own hardships by not being open to the assistance of others.

You are highly intolerant to anything that delays your plans as you envisioned them. When you feel challenged or rejected you might become resentful.

Behind your harsh attitude, you actually feel vulnerable. Insecure feelings create an emotional armor. You look unapproachable to others, especially when you are dealing with your projects.

Mars quincunx Saturn

You may feel like your path has been more difficult than others’. This may be true to some degree, but what you will learn only with experience and maturity is that in numerous situations you have imposed your own difficulties on yourself by insisting on doing things according to your specific plans.

You can be concrete and dogmatic in your thinking. It is not easy for you to adapt your ideas to changing circumstances.

On the other hand, you have a great capacity for endurance, focus, hard work and perseverance. When you learn to harness your energy productively and balance your tenacity with the ability to be flexible during changing times, you can be highly successful and accomplish a great deal.

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