Mars and Neptune aspects in the Birth Chart: Is there clarity or confusion in the direction your energy should go?


    5-9-energy-confusion.jpg Mars conjunct Neptune

    You lack clarity about the direction your energy should take.

    You don't really know what you want and this can be either an opportunity or an obstacle.

    On one hand, you keep your path open to new stimulation and you are flexible to change direction as needed, on the other hand, lack of continuity makes it hard to build anything real.

    You might be tempted to justify your irresponsible acts with your high sensitivity.

    Sometimes you hide your energy and intentions to people, preferring to stay in an ambiguous state so that you don't need to commit in any direction.

    Your energy can flow into compassionate directions and you might have healing or psychic skills.

    Your emotional sensitivity requires you to be surrounded by people who won't take advantage of your vulnerability.

    Mars sextile Neptune

    Your actions arise from emotional inspiration and they even sometimes seem unrealistic and idealistic, but they have a degree of practicality.

    Creativity and imagination are strong assets you can use to reach your goals. Your imagination is very vivid, bordering on psychic or prophetic skills.

    You have the potential to use your sensitivity and compassion as a counselor or healer by including a spiritual attitude in your healing abilities.

    Since you can feel people's emotions you can also excel in theatre or in fiction writing where you can identify with the characters.

    Also, you instinctively detect falsity in people.

    You are sensitive to the collective wellness, to humanitarian and social causes which you are willing to passionately commit to.

    Your sense of rhythm and musical sensitivity is suitable for playing drums, percussion, music therapy or dancing.

    Your sexual attitude is colored with spiritual fantasies and varied sensual imagination.

    Mars square Neptune

    You have great intuition and initiative but these energies can work against each other. It takes challenging situations for you to really get clear about what you want.

    Otherwise you may take your dreamy, intuitive nature for granted, ignoring it or talking yourself out of acting on your instincts.

    When you are pushed into a corner however you are more trusting of your intuition. You will go with your gut when you feel you have exhausted all other options.

    If you had trusted yourself earlier on and if you had used your powers of discretion and focus to aid your intuition, you would find it much more efficient to accomplish your dreams and work with your creative energy more effectively.

    Mars trine Neptune

    You are intuitive, inspired and imaginative and you have ample energy to act on your dreams and visions.

    You can easily channel divine guidance and you blend your insight with courage to act on inspiration that others may find too obscure or risky. You follow your instincts however and mostly you are led in the right direction.

    Others may see you as lucky but this is because you have a pulse on where society is headed. You are likely to sense what others need and what is needed in society at large.

    You are in tune with the larger order of things and can also sense with precision what needs to be done. You have clear instincts and clear thoughts which are creatively inspired. Opportunities to excel in spiritual and creative pursuits fall into your lap easily.

    Mars opposite Neptune

    Passion and compassion join in your psyche, but not always in a harmonic way.

    Often you hide your real intentions and the direction of your energy, thinking you have a competitive advantage in not revealing your plans, but this backfires. Keeping your plans in the dark will not help you to manifest them.

    You need to bring more clarity and awareness into your relationships. You tend to become passionate and suddenly attracted to somebody new or to project idealistic qualities on your lover that rarely stand the test of time.

    Your ideas and plans may not be grounded in reality.

    Such behavior also gives space to people taking advantage of your naivete.

    People react negatively when they can pick up on aggression in your subconscious vibes. This surprises and hurts you because you aren't aware of your feelings.

    Frustration in the outcomes of your initiatives make you vulnerable to alcohol, drugs, gambling or other kinds of addictions.

    You might have emotional or sexual needs that are considered weird.

    You might excel as a surgeon, combining martial energy and compassion.

    In relationships you tend to delude yourself by setting a person on the highest pedestal and end up feeling disappointed or bitter when reality sets in.

    You need to be mindful of your inner motivations and feelings so that you can bring your actions, emotions and ideals into alignment.

    Mars quincunx Neptune

    Your dreamy, sensitive, compassionate nature does not easily harmonize with your assertive, focused, highly energetic side. You may feel as if you are compelled to action impulsively with what seems like a great idea in mind.

    Only after burning bridges or becoming frustrated with the results of your actions do you realize you were striving for an unrealistic ideal or trying to accomplish your goals in an unrealistic way.

    With experience and maturity you will be able to use your powers of focus and discernment to distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality.

    When you have gained greater clarity regarding your own goals and purpose, you will be able to apply your creativity, intuition and strength of will so that you can succeed in all you do.

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