Jupiter and Pluto aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you handle success and power?


6-10-success-power.jpg Jupiter conjunct Pluto

You are blessed with confidence, good luck and a natural sense of power that inspires trust in others.

You are driven to succeed regardless of the cost. You treat difficulties as opportunities to be conquered. Rather than backing down, you are likely to reinvent yourself as you carry on with your personal quest.

You have a deep longing to impact large groups of people and may end up in the spotlight or in leadership roles frequently. Power comes naturally to you and you may be placed on a pedestal when times are good, only to fall from grace if you take your influential connections and lucky streak for granted.

But even a loss is a win for you because you have a talent for turning any situation around in a way that is personally beneficial. You may even see personal loss, tragedy or crisis as an opportunity to heal and lead others by example.

Jupiter sextile Pluto

You easily see through to the heart of issues, and can see right into others’ underlying motives and unresolved issues. As a result, you are savvy when it comes to relationships.

You also have uncanny intuition when it comes to business relationships and networking. You easily find the influential connections you need to ascend to positions of power.

You are confident and intense and when you make advance or make a shift in personal or professional life you give one hundred percent. You won’t settle for anything less than complete success.

Since you have had numerous lucky breaks, it is reasonable that you expect to climb straight to the top. You aren’t used to taking no for an answer and aren’t afraid to gamble to get what you desire.

After all, even if you lose everything, you will remain optimistic about your ability to find rebuild even better.

Jupiter square Pluto

You are uncomfortable with power yet at the same time you want to be in control at all times.

You may project false bravado as a way to mask your inner insecurities. When you have to endure a challenge or crisis, you can learn valuable lessons about your true power and ability to inspire and even influence others as a leader.

If you aren’t operating with integrity you may find opportunities to take advantage of others though it will typically backfire.

You may resist following authority and this can cause more difficulties in your life because you potentially lose allies when you assume that you are the expert in all things.

Jupiter trine Pluto

You are confident, persuasive and idealistic. It is easy for others to trust you and you aren’t inclined to take advantage of people’s trust.

Your tenacious and intuitive abilities to see through to the heart of every situation helps you ascend to power both in career and relationships. You usually harness your powerful energy to help others especially as an advocate, leader or healer.

You aren’t afraid to let go of a situation in order to open up to better opportunities and as a result you easily rise in status.

You can find success in accomplishing even the most far fetched dream because you are attentive to all the small details that help create the foundation you need. You love to research and can perceive the hidden aspects of a situation on the ground level as well as the abstract bigger picture.

Jupiter opposite Pluto

You may convince yourself that pursuing your own ambition and ego desires is the best way to empower others and benefit society.

As a result, you aren’t afraid to place your thirst for authority, status and wealth above the common good, even as you are convincing yourself that you will use your abundance and status to benefit others.

You have the potential to harness both an in depth detailed view and a big picture perspective, yet you will initially tend to vacillate between focusing beneath the surface and viewing situations in the abstract.

Jupiter quincunx Pluto

Early in life your experiences led you to fear your own power and fear authority figures. One of the greatest Karmic lessons you will learn in this lifetime is how to manage power and influence.

While you are coming to understand this challenge you may vacillate between trying to dominate or even manipulate others to get what you want from them, and avoiding situations in which anyone has any level of authority over you.

With maturity and experience however you are likely to grow to understand your true power and to develop confidence from within, not the false confidence you associate with wealth and titles.

You will also learn how to work with your personal power to be an influential guide, teacher or mentor to others.

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