Jupiter and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: What is your potential for success in career and public life?

6-12-success-public.jpg Jupiter conjunct Midheaven

You are a born leader who will easily find yourself in positions of authority.

Others respond to your easygoing nature and optimistic attitude by placing their trust in your ideals and vision. You are willing to grow and thrive in your career, yet things often come easy to you and as a result you may wait for an ideal path to unfold rather than shaking things up to open doors on your path to success.

Your faith in yourself and the benevolence of others often works in your favor, however and you easily ascend the ladder to positions of power.

Careers in higher education, law, sciences, medicine, healing or spiritual counseling are well suited to you as are careers requiring long distance travel or interactions with foreign lands and a broad range of people. You may hold public office at some point.

Jupiter sextile Midheaven

You have potential for success in career. Your greatest assets are your idealism and your positive attitude. You don’t believe in limitations and you easily inspire others to trust in and follow you. You also attract others who are instrumental to your career success.

You find yourself in the midst of lucky encounters that lead you to your ideal career. Often this career involves law, advocacy, travel, higher education or philosophy.

Your generosity and humanitarian nature also help you reach success in your career.

Jupiter square Midheaven

You may have to develop greater confidence in your career success. This confidence will be hard won, often the result of enduring various struggles and opposition to your goals.

You may project false confidence at first but this will only take you so far. After the wind is repeatedly knocked out of your sails, you may become more introspective and philosophical.

Since you are an avid reader and constant student, you may be drawn to various philosophical texts or self help books which inspire you to change your mindset. As a result of embracing new perspectives you can grow in confidence and career success.

Jupiter trine Midheaven

You are adept at making lemonade when life gives you lemons and as a result you will never struggle to achieve success or accumulate wealth. You are also never at a loss of opportunities. Your career path may unfold thanks to influential people helping to point you in the right direction or vouching for your skills.

You are likely to easily climb the ladder and advance your ambition yet you are also likely to be a fair, judicious leader. You have great potential to exert influence over large groups of people and are likely to act with benevolence when given the authority to act on behalf of others.

You are likely to accumulate wealth and reach status at various times during your life. You may take risks to achieve your dreams though they will typically pay off in the long run.

Jupiter opposite Midheaven

You have big dreams and high aspirations. Your confidence in your abilities can help you, but will be a hindrance in situations where you expect glory, fame, success and advancement without having first paid your dues.

You may attain status easily, but find that wealth or career opportunities are ‘easy come, easy go’. This is because you haven’t gotten a realistic handle on the art of balancing your dreams with your present reality.

Until you learn humility and grow to understand that you must crawl, then walk, then run, you are likely to sabotage your success or squander opportunities that fall into place.

With patience and maturity you can harness your leadership potential, charisma and idealism and achieve success in leadership, management or politics.

Jupiter quincunx Midheaven

You have the potential to advance in careers related to law, sciences, philosophy, and which involve the study of different cultures. Your humanitarian interests are varied and you may have the desire to travel abroad.

Until you resolve inner insecurities about your potential to lead others and pursue your dreams, you will sabotage opportunities and hesitate too long, undermining your goals because of lack of confidence.

You may shy away from the spot light or downplay your intelligence and talents.

As you grow and mature, it is likely that various life lessons will help you understand your full potential and embrace your big visions and ideals.

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