Saturn and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: How will hard work lead to career success?

7-13-hard-work-career.jpg Saturn conjunct Midheaven

You have a slow and steady path to success but you are cut out for hard work and self-discipline.

You are serious about succeeding in your career field and will take your responsibilities to heart. Your biggest priority is creating stability and security and you aren’t likely to take risks. You would rather hold back and remain where you are if it is a guaranteed situation, than to start in a new direction and potentially lose ground.

A series of carefully calculated moves help you to advance potentially to leadership. Your career is like a Chess game and you consider every move as a strategy. You are likely to be attracted to careers involving history, preservation, business and finance.

Saturn sextile Midheaven

Patience will pay off for you in the long run as you build your resume from work experience likely stemming from a young age.

You may define yourself through the work you are doing or make work a greater priority than other aspects of your life.

When you are comfortable you are likely to embrace the next level of advancement yet are unlikely to make radical moves.

Saturn square Midheaven

You resist change when it comes to your career. You may become stuck in the past or feel too complacent to want to initiate change. Even if you are unhappy with your current career you are unlikely to embark on any dramatic changes.

It is only when you have been motivated by upheaval and things have reached a breaking point for you that you will decide to take a risk and embark on a new venture.

In this regard, crisis and challenges can be the best thing for you because they motivate you to make changes you would otherwise not make.

Saturn trine Midheaven

Timing is everything and you won’t make any sudden moves to advance your career.

You prefer solitary roles. It is easier for you to deal with what is evident from the past or present, so imagining future possibilities for career or public image is not your strong suit. You may constantly define yourself or options based on what you have already occurred and in this way you may become stuck in your career.

Public office may appeal to you, as would work in a family business, or running a business in general. Work in finance, or work involving history or conservation are also appealing.

Saturn opposite Midheaven

You may move too slowly to take advantage of opportunities to advance your career.

You are also likely to need to upgrade your skills and familiarity with changing routines and technology, but this does not come easily to you and as a result you are likely to resist these changes.

You may still prefer a paper resume and old fashioned job interview to modern internet job sites, for example.

Refusing to shift with the changing times can cost you in the long run.

You are also likely to see only one way to accomplish things and therefore limit yourself from opportunities which could serve you well.

Try to be flexible in your approach to career and be mindful of your timing and initiative. Sometimes patience is a virtue and sometimes it is procrastination.

Saturn quincunx Midheaven

You limit yourself when it comes to career. Instead of going for opportunities to reach your full potential you are likely to play small and hide in work that is tedious yet comfortable.

Even if you are unhappy with your job or career you aren’t likely to take initiative to make any changes until you feel like you have been pushed past the point of no return.

With maturity and experience you will learn to harness your ambitious, hard working nature and fuel the advancement of your career with the help of your patience and attention to detail.

You are not initially comfortable taking responsibility for the execution of your plans and may sabotage your career until you become more confident and secure.

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