Neptune and North Node aspects in the Birth Chart: Is my intuition guiding you toward your destiny?

8-11-intuition-destiny.jpg Neptune conjunct North Node

Your creativity and connection to spiritual guidance helps you to fulfill your destiny.

Your mission is closely linked with your own experiences of healing old wounds and finding meaning through transcending challenges.

Your purpose may contain mystical or supernatural components. Your path brings you to completing your purpose by transcending the material world merging with the spiritual realms. Your destiny may involve spiritual counseling, channeled or inspired artwork or writing, psychic work or immersion in other mystical systems to help heal and transform yourself and others.

You go with the flow and yet without having to swim upstream things naturally fall into place and you are likely to be receptive to the instincts and subtle nudges that guide you toward your destiny.

Neptune sextile North Node

Your intuition never fails to lead you to key mentors and connections who help you fulfill your destiny. You may seem to naturally fall into step with your higher purpose.

This is not because you haven’t put forth the effort, you have. It is instead because you have been able to remain open minded to new opportunities and you are able to remain teachable. You embrace guidance and support and your compassionate nature makes others willing to help you advance toward your goals.

Neptune square North Node

You may be brought into personal fulfillment by transcending challenges which confuse your reality such as recovering from addictions, and in the process of doing so, clearing your mind and vision from the influence of substances or illusions.

The energy of perceiving truth from illusions is part of your process of transmuting wounds into healing and is linked to your destiny. Once you have cleared your mind from distractions and deceptions, your intuition is revealed and this power will help you reach your purpose.

Neptune trine North Node

You receive cues from your intuition and your direct connection to the spiritual world and as a result what may appear to be imagination is often a creative force leading you to your destiny.

Your instincts may not always make logical sense to you or to others, yet faith leads you on a path to fulfilling your purpose.

Creative expression, the arts and music are part of your mission. You are likely to pursue a path toward healing and uplifting others often as a result of your own experience of healing and rebirth through the experience of personal or emotional wounds.

Neptune opposite North Node

You have a hazy concept of your ultimate goal yet your vision’s ambiguity can result in pursuing several paths which eventually lead to your destiny.

You may become side tracked by pursuit of imaginary success and ideals which are not implemented with any consistency or eye on practicality. You may have to deal with self delusion or wishful thinking before you are truly able to reach your target and fulfill your purpose.

You will need to course correct periodically because it is so easy for you to fall into wishful thinking rather than actually perceiving your intuition’s guidance.

Neptune quincunx North Node

You have a lot to learn about distinguishing intuition from fantasy. You are highly sensitive and psychic. Your challenge is not to open up to your intuition, it is already a prevalent part of your path.

Your greater challenge comes in learning the difference between daydreaming and intuitive messages. You are likely to create a story in your mind about what you think you want only to be disappointed again and again. Even when you get what you want you find it is not sufficient.

When you are done chasing windmills however you may grow to develop the discretion needed to find your way back to your ultimate path.

You reach your destiny as a result of trusting your higher guidance even if it means confronting and healing old emotional wounds.

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