Neptune and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you express your sensitive, creative side?

9-12-express-sensitive.jpg Neptune conjunct Ascendant

You are an idealist and dreamer.

A peacemaker at heart, you have great compassion for the world and for others and carry your heart on your sleeve. You are deeply intuitive and connected to those around you.

You may identify as being an ‘empath’ or ‘highly sensitive person’ and as you become more aware of your receptivity to energy you can better ground yourself and clear your energy of outside influences such as the energy of other people.

You may appear as if you are lost in a daydream or others may notice that your appearance is in some way soft and romantic.

You are very creative but may be reluctant to assert yourself. You prefer subtle or even symbolic communication of dreams, art and mythology to direct dialog.

Neptune sextile Ascendant

You are very sensitive and creative. You are also compassionate and romantic. Your best path to expressing your creative side is to work in conjunction with others who help inspire you and keep you accountable to refine your talents.

You may otherwise avoid developing your skills to their full potential. You may also feel like you lack inspiration when not working with a group or team. You thrive on shared energy and would also do well to collaborate with spiritual people with similar beliefs in metaphysical paths.

Neptune square Ascendant

You may hide your true self behind numerous layers of defenses.

One of these layers may be a carefully created image that covers your sensitive, spiritually in tune side. When not able to be on your guard, you may look to substances like alcohol or drugs to insulate yourself.

You may also retreat into a fantasy world when overwhelmed by too much tension or conflict in your personal life. You may become easily confused about your feelings and may leave it up to others to make important decisions on your behalf rather than setting the tone for yourself.

You may shift like a chameleon, taking on numerous identities and hiding your true feelings and opinions. Be mindful not to lose yourself especially in relationships with others.

Neptune trine Ascendant

You are highly attuned to subtle energy and easily receive the energy of others.

As a result, you may keep to yourself or appear introverted. You may also need more solitary time than others to fully process your feelings.

You have a naturally romantic and dreamy style and your compassionate, loving nature attracts others to you. You may also attract people in need of healing as you provide comfort and solace to others without trying.

You are artistic and may show your creativity through a unique style of fashion. It may be easier for you to express yourself in indirect ways rather than assertively.

Neptune opposite Ascendant

You can be highly sensitive and creative but you are inclined to hide your creative gifts because you fear attention from others.

You would prefer to blend into the background but this doesn’t serve you or others.

As you grow to become more confident in yourself you will find that others are genuinely receptive to your creative talents and want you to share your gifts.

If you aren’t yet ready to receive this feedback you may become suspicious and paranoid, feeding into the illusions and stories created by your defenses to avoid dealing with discomfort in the present moment.

Neptune quincunx Ascendant

In your early life you may hide your true self, indulging in escapism or addictive behaviors rather than sharing your creative talents.

You may lose yourself in relationships and people pleasing as well, using your creativity to invent a false identity or even false bravado at times.

With maturity and experience you may develop the ability to discern between your dreamy ambitions and practical paths to success. Be mindful not to lose yourself especially in relationships with others.

You will be more successful when you learn to transmute your creative energy into healthy coping through artistic expression rather than self delusion.

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