North Node and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: Are you aware of your higher purpose in this lifetime?

11-12-aware-purpose.jpg North Node conjunct Ascendant

You will grow to believe in yourself and your convictions in a way that helps you to achieve your purpose in this lifetime.

In the past, or in past incarnations, relationships were the focus of your attention. In this lifetime situations will arise to help you clearly define your own path. You may have to overcome codependency or grow in maturity to embrace your own identity, however you will be given fortunate opportunities to step into your power.

You become aware of your purpose and mission and attract situations and helpers that assist you in fulfilling your mission.

North Node sextile Ascendant

Numerous Karmic connections to others throughout your lifetime will help you awaken to your higher calling. You may not have all the details at once yet you will likely trust the process enough to follow the guidance you are given.

You are likely to encounter synchronstic teachers and gurus who emerge to help you find your purpose and calling. You will most likely be receptive to their teachings.

Although you may have to break free from your comfort zone in order to pursue your mission you will find the strength and support to do this without drama and turmoil.

North Node square Ascendant

You need to adjust your attitude and perspective in order to fully embrace your destiny in this life time.

Until you learn to look at life from a different perspective you will continue to miss the mark when it comes to grasping your true calling.

You may get into conflicts with others, trying to assert your will or following a path you believe will lead in the right direction only to become frustrated when things don’t pan out according to your plans.

If you learn to embrace conflict as opportunity and if you can learn the benefit of not always getting your way, you will be able to recognize when real opportunities to fulfill your destiny exist and not waste time and energy trying to cut through obvious dead ends.

North Node trine Ascendant

Fate gives you an added boost to help you uncover your true gifts so that you can fulfill your purpose. You easily persuade others to stand behind your mission and face few obstacles to realizing your full potential.

You may have a high degree of self awareness from an early age. As a result you are likely to embrace your strengths and transmute flaws, refining your skills so that you can thrive and fulfill your purpose.

You easily evolve through acquired Karmic life lessons. Your purpose and path become clear to you and you attract the teachers and helpers who will guide you toward your destiny.

North Node opposite Ascendant

You feel more comfortable focusing on the needs of others and it may be easier for you to lose yourself in relationships than it is to pursue your own destiny.

As a result you are likely to experience the same repeating patterns in relationships. In particular, you will face the same pitfalls again and again because you are projecting your needs onto your partner and assuming they are your destiny.

Once you learn to accept that your path involves breaking out of your comfort zone and pursuing your own mission which may include partnership but is not consumed by it, it will be easier for you to trust the Karmic lessons which guide you back to completing your destiny.

North Node quincunx Ascendant

Your fate and your beliefs about yourself and identity are not in alignment at first.

You may resist parts of your true identity or side step your purpose, trying instead to go with the flow or distract yourself with other pursuits.

Something beyond logic or willpower keeps reigning you back in, however. As a result, you come to accept your gifts, identity and destiny.

Likewise, you may also have a vision of who you want to be, yet struggle to fully evolve into this vision until later in life. You may grasp at what you know to be your highest potential, yet feel as though you have been given large shoes to fill.

Through the process of maturation and evolution you will grow to fit into your true purpose and fulfill your mission, learning Karmic lessons along the way.

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