Lilith's Transits: triggering the rebellious and independent energy

    By 12andus

    lilith.png Lilith is the asteroid associated with independence, freedom and inhibition.

    The rebellious archetype named for the biblical woman from the Old Testament who refused to be subservient in marriage to Adam. Thus, the asteroid Lilith describes the inner, rageful and intense aspect of your personality that refuses to take orders or be submissive to any authority, even in love.

    Lilith in the Natal chart speaks to the powerful, sometimes rageful emotional nature and sexual potency lying dormant in your personality. Yet when Lilith transits your Natal planets and houses, the asteroid’s motions can trigger the “rebellious” and independent energy.

    How the transit triggers you will determine how your independent, creative inner nature is unleashed. For instance, when Lilith transits over your Saturn in the Seventh House, you may suddenly feel years of resentment and fury at a partner or person to whom you had a committed relationship. This energy may suddenly bubble to the surface and seem unbearable.

    As a result, you may suddenly have the urge to assert your independence and react with dramatic and intense energy against the confinement or authoritarian aspects of the relationship.

    However if transiting Lilith makes a favorable aspect to your Pluto, you may seek independence and express your sexuality in dramatic and powerful terms, making it obvious that your sexual appetites are not to be compromised. You may also find sexual encounters to be more empowering and personally transformative.

    When Lilith transits over your Ascendant or in a positive aspect to your Ascendant, you may become more transparent about your inner nature and sexuality. You may find it impossible to hold back on your desires and your very identity may become intertwined with your sexual nature and need for freedom.

    When Lilith makes an important transit to some key planet or point in your Natal chart, your independence and creativity will be more easily unleashed. You’ll more easily be able to express your authentic inner nature as well if the transit is a conjunction or favorable aspect.

    When Lilith makes a challenging aspect to an important planet or point in your Natal chart, it is still important. This can indicate a time in which you are challenged to dig deep and reconnect with your inner nature and deeper desires

    Your desire for independence and even your sexual nature may be threatened by the boundaries or confines placed on you by work, family or society. A challenging transit tests you and is a catalyst for you to reconnect with who you really are.

    Sometimes even the transits that bring friction are also bringing you the opportunity to work through a conflict on a deeper level, reclaiming your voice once and for all and not letting others suppress your ambitions and desires.

    Lilith’s transits have much to teach us about our own inner worlds and the darkest desires of our subconscious minds. Both our sexual appetites and unhealed wounds, our suppressed rage and rebellious nature can be triggered by these transits.

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