Pallas - Power of the Intellect and Warrior Instinct

pallas.png Pallas the asteroid was discovered shortly after Ceres and is one of the largest Asteroids.

This asteroid is named for Pallas Athena, a name given in admiration to the Goddess Athena.

Athena, daughter of Zeus or Jupiter, was a warrior Goddess but also a Goddess associated with intelligence, cunning and focus. Pallas Athena was described in the Odyssey also with the nickname Mentor and so served as the Odysseus’s guide and mentor through his journey.

Pallas, then is the archetypal Goddess of wisdom, justice, truth and also the warrior energy. This is not warfare as raw rage, but warfare as in the fight for justice and the desire to uphold laws of righteousness.

She doesn’t come out swinging or enact senseless acts of violence. Instead, she is associated with skill and strategy.

Pallas Athena is associated with the ability to first win the battle of wits before engaging in a battle of arms.

According to myth, Pallas Athena was born from the head of Zeus, her father. Thus her association with the mind is made more clear. Her energy is also highly assertive and more traditionally masculine regardless of gender.

When you think of Pallas, think of the person you consult when there is a difficult decision to be made. The person you trust to give you the straight facts no matter how difficult.

The person whose judgment you trust and who is willing to weigh heavy decisions and apply logic and reason rather than emotion or impulsive reactions.

She’s not concerned with revenge or ego displays of power, instead she is concerned with doing what is right and just for the good of the many.

Thus in the Astrological chart, Pallas is associated with the ability of logic to prevail over emotion and the willingness to fight for what is right and in what area of your life you are drawn to crusade for righteousness.

Pallas in the Natal Chart also shows how you express your intellectual strategizing, focus and rational side. Pallas shows how we are willing to be assertive, strategic, ambitious and vigilant, not for our own good but for what is right for the collective.

When Pallas is activated, the warrior within us is activated. We will become more intellectually engaged in a fight for what we believe in.

Pallas in Pisces may bring greater intuition to your strategic arsenal and a desire to fight for emotional healing and access to treatment for those battling with addictions or emotional traumas.

Pallas in Sagittarius on the other hand can lead you to take on large scale crusades as an activist, trying to champion any number of progressive changes that can lead to growth and expansion on a larger scale.

Pallas’ placement in the chart also shows what you are willing to fight for. Pallas in the Tenth House may show a willingness to fight for fairness and what is right in business or government.

Pallas in the Third House may give you the desire to fight for equal opportunities in early education or for people with learning disabilities.

She can also point to relationship with father and father figures. Placement of Pallas in the chart can point out beneficial or challenging aspects of paternal relationships.

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    • Naliflower

      My Pallas is in Taurus in the 5th, I find the solve problems using creative solutions