Juno - Marriage and Devotion, the Power of Dedication in Love

juno.png Juno, in mythology, was the wife of Zeus/Jupiter.

Though Jupiter was not always an easy man to justify being faithful to, Juno is known for her fidelity to her husband. Thus she has become an archetype representing devotion to a partner and potential for marriage.

On one hand, Juno showed undying loyalty. On the other hand, she also represents the potential to be willing to work through all the ups and downs of married life in order to have a long life with a partner. She is the epitome of faithfulness and loyalty.

The tradition of June weddings is associated with Juno, in fact. She is associated with helping Soul Mates find each other and stay together.

She is also associated with relationship insecurities since we know from the myths that in spite of her devotion, Jupiter gave her plenty of reason to be jealous.

Yet in spite of their difficulties, Juno and Jupiter were the deity equivalent of a power couple. This was largely due to Juno remaining loyal and working through their difficulties.

In Astrology, Juno is associated with what makes you jealous as well as how you express your energy toward your Soul  Mate and your potential for marriage.

This is important in a Synastry chart as Juno can show the potential for long term commitment and the desire to work through any problems in a relationship.

Juno can also show what makes you insecure in relationships and how you show your jealousy and possessiveness.

Therefore Juno in your chart in a favorable aspect to your partner’s Sun, Venus or Juno suggests a potential for marriage and unconditional love and devotion.

Juno shows the potential for long term commitment and partnership between yourself and another person. In your own Natal Chart, Juno can indicate how you express your undying love and what makes you jealous or insecure. Also Juno may show the reasons you are likely to stay in a toxic of unhealthy relationship.

Juno also shows how you cope with betrayal and your potential to bounce back from infidelity, and how you try to restore balance in a relationship.

For instance if Juno is in Aries, there is less likelihood that you will easily forgive and forget a betrayal. Juno in Pisces, on the other hand, may lead you to overlook obvious signs of infidelity and romanticize your partner even when you shouldn’t.

Juno in Pisces leads you to have an intuitive connection to your Soul Mate, yet you may convince yourself to only see what you want to see.

Juno also shows how we maximize our influence through partnerships.

Just as powerful wives in patriarchal societies had to wield power through their husbands, Juno shows how we can play politics and show our power through connection to others.

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