Jupiter and Chiron aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your deeper wounds influence your ideals and philosophy?

By 12andus

Jupiter-Chiron-Harm.jpg Jupiter conjunct Chiron

Your ideals and personal philosophy are unique and formed in part because of my past wounds. Your trials and tribulations may seem amplified or excessive yet they don’t sour your positive outlook.

You are generous, giving and idealistic and your wounds make you sensitive to the needs of others. You may turn experiences with poverty or loss into motivation to provide for others.

Higher education is important to you and you may help others advance their educational goals even if you were not able to take your education as far as you would have liked.

You may have a spiritual awakening because of life challenges and serve others as a spiritual leader as well.

Jupiter sextile Chiron

You are charismatic, optimistic and highly sensitive to the spiritual lessons inherent in even the most challenging wounds and crises. You always look for opportunity and you use your healing experience and process as a means to uplift others.

Your challenges may seem larger than life but so is your confidence and optimism and you make survival and healing look easy and enlightening. You do gain spiritual insight through trials and tribulations.

You are also likely to walk away from accidents or traumatic situations with a sense of having been divinely protected and very lucky.

Jupiter square Chiron

You are likely to face challenges and deep wounds that have a drastic impact on your ideals and spiritual beliefs. When your awakening occurs, you don’t easily let go of optimistic presumptions even if in doing so you hang on to delusional thinking.

Friction between your ideals and challenges or limitations related to your deeper wounds may seem devastating but is also potential motivation for you to expand your understanding and personal philosophy.

In doing so, you may become a natural leader or healer for others who are working through similar wounds and have lost optimism or confidence.

Jupiter trine Chiron

You are exceptionally lucky, even when you are in the midst of crisis or loss, you instinctively understand there is a higher plan and remain optimistic.

You are likely to be benevolent because of your own hardships. When you face a loss, you don’t become stingy or resentful, rather you open up your heart and become more giving and charitable.

You are compassionate and confident and may have had to find your own way through hardships and conflicts, perceiving or facing insufficiencies of positive role models at times you needed them.

This doesn’t interfere with your success, in fact, you may be more successful because you learned your strengths and full potential without anyone holding you back with seemingly ‘good’ advice. You may feel lucky to get away from major wounds or crises relatively unscathed and find the resources you need to succeed regardless of limitations.

Jupiter opposite Chiron

You are likely to be idealistic and philosophical but may feel torn between your desire for optimism and your struggle to let go of restrictions that result from wounds and crises.

Your potential to be charismatic and benevolent can be dampened by harsh lessons and deep wounds that make you feeling like you are trapped beneath a glass ceiling. Overcoming the perspective of being trapped or confined and drawing on your life challenges to find greater enthusiasm, confidence and optimism can lead to success.

You try to be idealistic and philosophical but until you have worked through your deeper wounds, you may continue to feel frustration at not being able to reach the heights you are striving for. You may go into counseling, clergy, advocacy or higher education to share your unique vision or fill the void you still feel from your own wounds.

Jupiter quincunx Chiron

You have to adapt to changing circumstances that result from deep inner wounds. You can overcome issues with confidence and embrace your higher vision, as both of these aspects of yourself are damaged because of past traumas and disappointments.

You may react with intensity to anything that impedes your freedom or abundance, because you have had to fight to overcome limitations in the first place. You can potentially become a confident and empowering leader and benefactor for others as you tend to your own healing, in part because of your natural empathy, at having from having to overcome odds in your own life.

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