Neptune and Chiron aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your inner wounds shape your spiritual side?

By 12andus

Neptune-Chiron-Harm.jpg Neptune conjunct Chiron

Your experiences of trauma that can be wounding and alienating also lead you to become a deeper spiritual seeker.

Your intuition may be awakened as a result of an injury or illness. You may have a deep emotional clearing that is brought about by experiences that are both transcendental and life changing, leading you to empathize with others on a deeper level.

You are compassionate and nurturing and are able to take even the most harrowing experiences and use these as a springboard for greater intuitive connection and empathy with others.

You are likely to have a strong sense of spiritual connection to others but your sensitivity can lead you to seek relationships with people who reflect your wounds back to you.

Neptune sextile Chiron

You are compassionate, gentle and sensitive. You had to find your own way through important lessons regarding empathy and spirituality and you may have sensed a core insufficiency in your early experiences with caregivers or loved ones.

As a result you may have a deep longing to connect with others and find emotional validation. At the same time, you may never feel emotionally fulfilled.

Your psychic connection helps you understand the holistic path to healing and awakening and you share this wisdom with those around you even as you strive to achieve your own growth and healing. You may become a spiritual leader, guru or artist whose work helps heal and uplift others.

Neptune square Chiron

You are motivated to seek deeper spiritual and emotional healing so that you can be of service to others as a counselor, spiritual advisor or guru.

You may have clear insight when it comes to healing others’ wounds but struggle to resolve your own deeper inner wounds.

Emotional traumas can lead you to seek escape through addictions and self-delusion but overcoming these patterns adds to your perspective and helps you inspire others as a healer.

You are highly motivated to connect with others and show your compassion though conflicts and wounds may be the basis for your unique understanding of emotional healing and spiritual awakening.

Healing from your own wounds and addictions can propel your path to healing others and you may thrive as a substance abuse counselor, peer counselor or advocate based on your own experiences first hand.

Neptune trine Chiron

Your deep inner wounds are a springboard for showing the world your creative, artistic and intuitive talents.

You are wise and compassionate and can bring emotional validation and empathy to others in part because of your own ongoing struggle with feeling disconnected or emotionally abandoned. As you heal from your deeper wounds, you have much to offer others as a healer, therapist, counselor, artist, musician or spiritual guide.

In spite of your own traumas and wounds you are faithful, creative and loving toward everyone you meet. You easily attract others whose wounds match your own and you see the best in others rather than hiding from their pain because it mirrors your own. When you heal from your own wounds you become a beacon for those around you.

Neptune opposite Chiron

Your emotional wounds and past traumas can lead you to sabotage the relationships and friendships you seek for validation and support. You may want to have a close, intimate connection with others but also fear actual commitment and intimacy.

You may seek emotional escape to avoid dealing with your inner wounds and this can lead you to chase fantasy relationships and illusions that distract you from your healing.

When you face your need for inner healing and your unresolved wounds you will be able to draw on your unique perspective and spiritual wisdom to understand the paradox and spiritual aspects of your inner world.

This wisdom will help you reconcile your mixed feelings and can give you greater wisdom and strength to help and heal others.

You may become an unlikely mystic or guru because of your unusual experiences working through past traumas and finding spiritual and emotional healing.

Neptune quincunx Chiron

You may struggle to overcome emotional wounds and traumas from the past and as a result may vacillate between avoidance and overcompensating by chasing every holistic cure or healing modality.

When you find the right balance between humility and receptivity to the spiritual and mystical, you will have the opportunity to experience deeper healing and transformation that will influence your relationships with others.

Until this happens you may be susceptible to false gurus, spiritual gaslighting and focusing only on ‘positive vibrations’ to the point that you ignore or deny your actual feelings and the validity of your deeper wounds.

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