Pluto and Chiron aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your core wounds and healing relate to your power and transformative potential?

    By 12andus

    Pluto-Chiron-Harm.jpg Pluto conjunct Chiron

    Your energy and personality are powerful and you automatically convey authority in areas related to your core, ongoing wounds and past traumas. You may become an expert on healing because of your own experience needing to be your own healer in the past.

    Core wounds and past traumas related to confidence, transformation, loss, grief and authority, sexuality and mortality lead you to have an intense interest in finding your own way back to empowerment, which is something you inevitably share with others struggling with similar wounds.

    Pluto sextile Chiron

    Your core wounds relate to loss of power, grief, mortality or sexuality and also to others misusing power and authority. You may have significant past traumas but you also have the potential to use these as transformative catalysts.

    You may have a strong potential toward psychic connection and relationship to those in Spirit because of experiences of loss close to home. Your wounds regarding loss and power issues can compel you to become a leader, healer and transformative influence in others’ lives.

    You may have had to figure out your own source of power and as a result you are sensitive to others who are loners or who have struggled to gain a sense of authority.

    Pluto square Chiron

    You have had to fight to establish a sense of power and autonomy and even when you’ve achieved success you may never fully feel competent or be able to recognize your greatest strengths.

    Your sense of power to be a catalyst for transformation in your own life is wounded because of past traumas. Losses, struggles with powerlessness or mortality, sexual wounds and other deep emotional scars interfere with your ability to easily command respect and authority.

    As you work on your own healing and face your deep inner fears, however, you will be able to fully access your strength and power and will become a catalyst for transformation for yourself and for others.

    Pluto trine Chiron

    You easily convey power and authority even when you don’t feel powerful because of your past wounds and traumas. Your losses and grieving process help awaken you to dynamic energy that you can use to lead and transform others.

    You are powerful, influential and strong willed because you have had to fight to overcome deep inner wounds. To the outside world it may seem like nothing scares you but this is because you have gone deep into the inner workings of your own mind to resolve old wounds.

    You may have a strong inclination toward psychology because your own experiences have left you fascinated by the mysteries of how the mind works and you use this knowledge to help others heal.

    Pluto opposite Chiron

    Your core wounds lead to insecurity and internalized powerlessness which is likely to get projected out toward others.

    You have the potential to be a powerful healer because of your perspective and understanding, first hand, of what it feels like to be powerless, yet you have to struggle to maintain perspective.

    You run the risk of trying to dominate or control others to cover or overcompensate for your own core wound. In doing so, you work against your own healing and the healing of others.

    Facing your fears and fighting to re-establish a sense of strength and power will do much more to help you use your own wounds as catalysts for deep transformation.

    Pluto quincunx Chiron

    Your sense of personal authority and power are challenged by early traumas and wounds. You are haunted by losses and challenges that leave you feeling powerless or past emotional wounds related to mortality, sexuality and personal authority.

    As a result you are uncomfortable around authority figures and struggle to express your own authority or sexuality in healthy ways.

    You may vacillate between being domineering and passive-aggressive, you may also fear intimacy or close relationships that feel like a threat to your personal power.

    With time and intentional healing efforts, you can find ways to reclaim your inner power and heal your sexual wounds so that you are able to be a role model, leader and healer for others experiencing similar struggles.

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