Chiron and Midheaven aspects in the Synastry Chart: How does this relationship contribute to healing wounds that impact career and public life?


Chiron-MC-Harm.jpg Chiron and Midheaven conjunct in the synastry chart

Both Chiron person and Midheaven person are dedicated to overcoming past traumas. Chiron person and Midheaven person work together to empower each other.

Midheaven person is able to clear past wounds and traumas and in doing so, is helped by Chiron person to overcome significant wounds that help Midheaven person succeed in career.

Midheaven person helps Chiron person find ways to transmute their inner wounds and healing journey into a successful career as a healer or leader for others working to overcome the same wounds.

Chiron trine, sextile or semi-sextile Midheaven in the synastry chart

Both Midheaven person and Chiron person share an open flow of energy between public image and the empowerment of others and the deeper healing of wounds that stand in the way of a successful career.

In particular, Chiron person is able to work on their own personal healing path which then helps them stand out as a guide or mentor for others on a broad scale.

Midheaven person gains sensitivity and intuitive understanding of Chiron person's healing needs and this helps Midheaven person change their perspective on their career path or leadership style.

Chiron opposite, square or semi-square Midheaven in the synastry chart

Both Chiron person and Midheaven person frustrate each other by serving as mirrors of unhealed past wounds and traumas.

Midheaven person has the opportunity to change their understanding of and find empowerment through, healing past traumas thanks to Chiron person, yet they may resist the healing opportunities out of concern about their reputation.

Chiron person may have the opportunity to find confidence and reinvent their career and sense of purpose through their relationship with Midheaven person, but they may resist this at first. Chiron person may find Midheaven person's style to be too abrasive or may feel publicly called out by Midheaven person.

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