Transiting Moon on natal Chiron

By 12andus

Moon-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Moon conjunct natal Chiron

Your emotions and nurturing energy charges up your past wounds and traumas now. Your past wounds related to losses, abandonment or family traumas are triggered now so that you can reconsider and go deeper into your healing process.

Your deeper wisdom and intuition are working in favor of healing past wounds but in order to do so you may feel a range of emotions that bring you back to these old wounds. Feeling into your wisdom is important now. Allowing this emotional energy and intuition to guide you will help you resolve these past traumas.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Chiron

This is a time of great potential for healing and growth when it comes to working through insecurities and past emotional wounds. Your intuition communicates your deeper soul wounds through symbolic and emotional language now. You may have a vague feeling of what direction you need to take but not be able to put your finger on the details but nevertheless you know the steps you need to take to find deeper healing.

You may attract people through business or family connections that help inspire your greater sense of security. You are likely to feel a deep emotional connection to those who come into your life now and feel as if you have to nurture or protect those around you especially those who share common wounds.

You may feel intense emotional awakening now which you can potentially turn into motivation to heal and overcome your past traumas and losses. You can find security through putting past wounds into perspective now.

Transiting Moon square natal Chiron

Your emotional impulses and need for security challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone. You are compelled to deal with your insecurities and emotional wounds in new ways.

You are likely to be frustrated because your intuition and desire for security run counter to your current circumstances. In order to work through this friction or overcome obstacles you will have to refine your style of managing your emotions or channel your feelings in a new direction using creativity and unique insight.

Your intuitive, creative process helps you deal with past wounds and traumas now. You may find motivation to deal with past wounds as a result of restless, nagging feelings that something is unsettled. This can be the time that you resolve a past wound and come to new understanding.

Transiting Moon trine natal Chiron

You have fortunate opportunities to bring nurturing, creative and intuitive energy to your past wounds and traumas now. You can easily attract people who need your guidance and unique perspective and you may find security and comfort through a deeper processing of emotions.

You are intuitively drawn to new opportunities to turn past traumas and wounds around to fuel your mission especially when it comes to nurturing and creating emotional validity to others.

This is an ideal time to show your sensitive, vulnerable nature as others are drawn to you as an authentic and caring person. Even your emotional wounds help attract the attention and admiration of others who recognize your unique wisdom. Your emotional intelligence and ability to make others feel secure and validated will go far now.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Chiron

Your past wounds and traumas stand in the way of emotional security now. Your fears, jealousies and insecurities are triggered more than usual and you will find that stifling your feelings and intuition will not help.

This is an ideal time to face your fears especially those related to abandonment or loss in family. What you looked to for security and emotional validation may prove shallow now and your healing and growth will require a deeper look at your past wounds.

You are responsible for greater emotional healing now and though your feelings are triggered and you may feel hypersensitive, your intuition and emotions are acting as important catalysts now.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Chiron

You may have a strong sense of emotional restlessness and intuitive awakening now. Your emotional response to past wounds and triggers are rehashed because there is something more to learn.

A different perspective is required before you can move on and find comfort and emotional security. You are likely to have to make adjustments to your beliefs about your ability to manage your feelings or trust your intuition.

This can be a time of great empowerment if you don’t suppress your wise subconscious intuitive vision. Your emotions and desire to nurture others are fine tuned now and can help others heal from wounds that you are still processing.

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