Transiting Mars on natal Chiron

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    Mars-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Mars conjunct natal Chiron

    You become passionate about issues related to your unhealed wounds now. You have a unique perspective and may be fueled by a desire to overcompensate from a past loss or trauma.

    This is a great time to let past wounds motivate you to take action and make much needed changes. Whether you become a champion for change or become more active in pursuit of your higher mission, you may feel strong and excited now, putting your focus onto spearheading a new project or becoming the leader in a field related to wounds or obstacles you have overcome in the past.

    Your excitement and passion are encouraging to others and you can become a ferocious advocate both for your own healing and for the success of others. This is a good time for leadership endeavors now.

    Transiting Mars sextile natal Chiron

    You have the potential to heal past wounds and traumas that have hindered your physical energy or led you to become self conscious about your independence. This is an ideal time to begin challenging yourself to overcome obstacles and embracing your passions.

    Transiting Mars square natal Chiron

    This is a frustrating time that can be valuable to your healing process. You may feel compelled to act on your own willpower and passions now. At the same time life circumstances beyond your control are forcing you to slow down and revisit past wounds.

    You can’t force success with sheer effort now and this strikes you as an injustice. Really, though it is triggering a deep wound related to independence and power. Exerting your power and will on situations around you is not going to get you the results you want.

    Yet neither is ignoring your passions. You need to focus on harnessing your energy and vitality effectively now and using conflicts to refine your efforts and shift your understanding so that deeper healing can take place.

    Transiting Mars trine natal Chiron

    You are powerfully empowered to act on your unique vision and instincts now. You may have tremendous energy and strength in spite of past wounds or challenges.

    Others look to you as a leader and find enthusiasm in your courage and assertiveness. You have succeeded in overcoming your own insecurities and fears about not being successful or being unable to exert your will and now you are using your energy and passion to help uplift others.

    You may pave the way for others through your diligence and determination. During this time your energy is accentuated and your efforts are paid back several times over.

    Transiting Mars opposite natal Chiron

    Your passion and instincts work against your goals now but because of unresolved wounds and traumas you may not be able to accurately see how impulsivity is working against you.

    You may be prone to take feedback or constructive criticism as a personal attack and may be easily put on the defensive now. You become reactive and your passions can fuel you to overcome deeper fears and insecurities but they can also lead you to power struggles if you aren’t careful.

    This is a key time to deal with deeper power struggles and past wounds or traumas surrounding willfulness, assertiveness and personal power and independence.

    Transiting Mars quincunx natal Chiron

    You feel driven to use your strength and willpower to help heal others now but you won’t be as effective as you could be until you channel your courage and take a deeper look at your own strengths.

    You have the potential to be determined, willful and focused and these strengths need to be harnessed to heal and overcome past traumas and wounds. You may resist or avoid your inner power or go to extremes to overcompensate for perceived loss of power and control.

    You are able to come to balance and find a stronger foundation now if you are open to getting out of your comfort zone. Your energy and enthusiasm can help you stand out as a leader to others.

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