Transiting Chiron on natal Sun

    By 12andus

    Sun-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Sun

    Your sense of individuality is inherently tied in with past wounds and traumas now. You will have a chance to shine in the spotlight as an artist, creator, musician or entertainer and even though you are drawing on past pain, you do so in a way that shows confidence and strength and empowers others.

    This is a great time to take the spotlight. You may feel less self-conscious about past wounds if you look at sharing your strengths as an opportunity to help others who are currently struggling with obstacles you’ve also had to heal from.

    Transiting Chiron sextile natal Sun

    You are likely to find key connections and opportunities for growth now. This is a great time for empowerment and gaining confidence in your gifts and creative skills. Important mentors and others around you can help you shine now.

    You are likely to find healing from past wounds through friendships and from within your network now but it is up to you to make the most of these connections and opportunities. Let your creative juices flow and be open to ways your artistic talent and leadership style as a means of transmuting your pain into healing.

    Transiting Chiron square natal Sun

    Your desire to show your confidence and strengths will be challenged now by reminders of unresolved healing. You need to harness frustration as a motivation for healing now.

    You may have flare ups and arguments regarding past wounds related to your individuality and sense of self. Any unresolved issues related to confidence or the desire for recognition will be triggered. You will have the opportunity to go deeper into your own healing and come out shining as a confident leader for others, but will have to resolve old conflicts regarding your past fears of being inferior.

    Transiting Chiron trine natal Sun

    This is a fortunate time for you to shine a light on your talents and strengths. You will make important contacts with people who need the benefit of your empowering and healing energy. You are able to draw on your own creativity and strength to transcend past pains and traumas.

    You are also able to easily step into the lead as a healer for others. You are likely to shine in the spotlight as an entertainer, artist or musician. You have an easier than usual time facing your inner fears and learning to accept and love your individuality.

    Transiting Chiron opposite natal Sun

    You are challenged to face your underlying fears and insecurities especially those regarding self image and self-confidence. You are reluctant to deal with past traumas and deeper healing and empowerment now. Rather than digging deeper, you may deflect or become focused on others’ healing issues.

    Be mindful not to go to grandiose measures to stifle your inner needs now. This can be a powerful time of healing and integration if you are willing to face your inner fears.

    Conflicts that arise now will help you to find greater empowerment and confidence by helping you to resolve past traumas and pains.

    Transiting Chiron quincunx natal Sun

    This is a tense time for growth for you and you may feel awkward as you experiment with your own confidence and empowerment. You may go to extremes to take charge and lead others, only to back peddle.

    After vacillating some you will be able to find your center now and come to understand your strength and creativity which will be a much needed beacon for yourself and others now.

    This is a great time to recognize how you may be self-sabotaging when it comes to potential for leadership. You can also gain new insight and perspective on your depth of talents and creativity in spite of past criticisms and limitations.

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