Transiting Chiron on natal Jupiter


    Jupiter-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Jupiter

    You will have the opportunity to put past traumas and wounds under a microscope now. You may find that a new perspective helps to elevate your understanding and give you a broader sense of how your insecurities and wounds can help direct you to larger spiritual understanding.

    You are likely to take a more philosophical approach to overcoming wounds and insecurities from the past. You see yourself not as a victim of circumstances but as a part of a larger system and you may see the bigger connections between social and cultural traumas and your personal experiences.

    Healing and regaining confidence requires you to see the connection between various cultural teachings and ideologies. You can transcend the limits of your cultural or religious upbringing as you draw from various beliefs and concepts to make sense of the past.

    Transiting Chiron sextile natal Jupiter

    You can find greater advancement of your ideals and beliefs now and expanding your mind also contributes to healing of past wounds and traumas.

    You may long for connection with different cultures or feel compelled to explore different philosophical and religious beliefs in search of new ways of putting past traumas into perspective now.

    Your past wounds may be put under a microscope now but this allows you to more closely examine how beliefs and ideas about karma, justice, spirituality and the human condition can shape your attitudes toward yours’ and others’ healing now.

    Transiting Chiron square natal Jupiter

    You are likely to feel constraints and tension as your desire to expand your mind and follow your ideals are restricted by past traumas and wounds that have not been resolved.

    You are likely to feel friction as you try to expand in new directions only to have your efforts stifled. By addressing past wounds related to lack of belonging or perceived social rejection, you may have the chance to test some of your high ideals and convictions.

    This may not be an easy time of self-reflection as you try to align your beliefs, actions and expectations. You may need to adjust your beliefs after harsh feedback or challenging information shakes the foundation of some of your closest held beliefs related to past traumas or unresolved wounds.

    Transiting Chiron trine natal Jupiter

    You have very fortunate opportunities to expand your understanding and follow your ideals. Past traumas and wounds don’t hinder your growth, rather you feel compelled to act with confidence and optimism because you have overcome difficulties.

    Past wounds or traumas may prompt you to seek greater philosophical and spiritual understanding. You are now given opportunities to turn hardships around and benefit in some way from a change in understanding and influence over others as a benevolent leader, because of your own past experiences.

    This is a good time to share your story with others or to engage in spiritual, philosophical and ideological exploration, seeking ways that higher wisdom can lead you to create paths to getting your needs met.

    Transiting Chiron opposite natal Jupiter

    This is a difficult time as you wrestle with higher ideological dilemmas. You may become more aware of how polarity has effected your mindset or how different and conflicting beliefs and ideals are causing you to struggle with your own conscience.

    You may be called to confront sabotaging beliefs or superficial beliefs that you aren’t fully in alignment with. Trying to make sense of wounds from the past can lead you to struggle with how past traumas and unresolved wounds have distorted or changed your sense of philosophy, ethics or morality.

    You may be undergoing an uncomfortable transformation in your religious or spiritual beliefs as you expand your views. You are more conscious of the bigger picture and connection between culture, belief and ideology that shape your understanding of past wounds and unresolved traumas now.

    Transiting Chiron quincunx natal Jupiter

    Your ideals and beliefs may swing between extreme polarities now. Searching for meaning, healing and to make sense of past traumas can lead you to question your past spiritual beliefs or values.

    This is an important time for introspection and awareness of the importance of finding meaning in the healing process. You can find greater optimism, confidence and influence over others which will also simultaneously help you overcome your own past wounds and traumas now.

    Although this may feel like a tense and uncertain time, you are actually positioned to gain greater clarity and self-awareness now.

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