Transiting Chiron on natal Saturn

    By 12andus

    Saturn-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Saturn

    You are likely to be immersed in challenging struggles now, especially those which conjure up past unresolved wounds. There may be a Karmic energy at work as you feel that history is repeating or past lessons are being revisited in your life now.

    You may need to exercise greater self-discipline now and in doing so you test yourself to see how solid your commitment is and how strong a foundation you can build. You are likely to face restrictions and limitations right now but this process also forces you to slow down and deal with past wounds and traumas that you may have tried to avoid in the past.

    Transiting Chiron sextile natal Saturn

    You may have an easier time than usual creating routines and practicing self-discipline especially in the service of healing and resolving past wounds.

    Though you may be called to face challenges or limitations resulting from past wounds, you are well equipped to do so now. You find the strength, patience and resilience to put things in perspective. You are able to make sacrifices and gain greater stability now.c This is an important time to slow down and let your friends and loved ones show their support. Though you typically like to be independent and show your strength and determination, this is not the time to take risks or try to carry your burdens alone.

    You will have the resources you need but may need to be patient and practical. Even if these are not typically your strong points, you will be able to draw on these qualities in order to resolve ongoing wounds.

    Transiting Chiron square natal Saturn

    You may have to overcome frustrations and limitations that lead you into power struggles with others now. This is an ideal time to harness the friction from challenges you’ve faced related to past wounds or traumas, in favor of refining and developing more solid routines.

    You may be called to let go of or adjust your expectations and to accept life on life’s terms, rather than having things work out exactly as you had hoped.

    Important traditions or practices may be under scrutiny now, as you can’t succeed without breaking with the past. Whether this involves adapting your diet and lifestyle routines or breaking away from ties to family or significant others who limit your capacity to heal and find security, change may be uncomfortable now.

    Though your sense of stability may be challenged now you can ultimately find a stronger sense of commitment to your own values in the process.

    Transiting Chiron trine natal Saturn

    You have difficult challenges to face and yet you have resources, supports and the self-discipline to overcome these obstacles now.

    You have the fortitude needed to overcome past wounds and traumas now. You may have an easier time reigning in your impulses and focusing on practical matters. Your work or sense of responsibilities may be connected to your past wounds and traumas now. Healing past wounds requires you to be patient and exert steady effort to work through past wounds related to your sense of security.

    You have the opportunity to revisit traditions or past memories that play into your current wounds and it may feel like a time of Karmic cycles and resurrection of the past so that past issues can be put into perspective now. Your relationships with elders can also be a source of wisdom, stability and healing now.

    Transiting Chiron opposite natal Saturn

    You may currently feel as if you are placed at odds with your sense of stability and security. This is the time to face unresolved wounds from the past especially those involving tradition, aging and enduring hardships.

    You have the opportunity to reconsider past experiences, traditions or memories of past wounds and may have to face an aspect of yourself that is harsh or abrasive. Facing life areas in which you feel restricted or constrained may give you the feeling that life is full of hardship now.

    Diligence and patience are needed and your ability to persevere will serve you in the long run but only if you face facts no matter how unsettling reality may be.

    Transiting Chiron quincunx natal Saturn

    Past wounds related to your sense of security and stability are brought to the surface now. You are likely to need to adjust your perspective and learn from traditions and wisdom of elders. You may struggle with restrictions and limitations now.

    You are likely to have to adjust financial, business or career matters and come to terms with decisions you had been avoiding. Past wounds that inhibited your path or restrained you from pursuing the type of career or business moves you wanted to make are brought back into focus.

    You may have an opportunity to take a different path or make adjustments to your present financial or career situation or you may be called to take a new perspective on wounds you can’t change now.

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