Transiting Chiron on natal Uranus

By 12andus

Uranus-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Uranus

Buckle up because your past wounds and unresolved traumas are going to take you on a wild ride. Expect the unexpected and be open to serendipitous surprises. What at first appears to be a crisis may actually be a blessing.

Sudden, dramatic changes force you to contend with old wounds and unexpected changes can bring greater epiphanies and clarity about how to proceed with healing those wounds.

You won’t have a chance to catch your bearings now because just when you think you’ve reached a solid conclusion, the shockwaves emerge. You are kept on your toes now and while the fluctuation of energy and game changes keep you guessing, you have the opportunity to find greater healing and understanding from experiencing the roller coaster ride now.

Transiting Chiron sextile natal Uranus

This is an important time to be open to going with unexpected and sudden changes. You really won’t know which way the winds of change will blow now and it’s easy for you to get caught off guard.

Still this is largely a fortunate time for you to roll with changes. Unexpected encounters and sudden epiphanies help to shape your understanding of past wounds. A person who is instrumental to your healing may suddenly appear. Dramatic triggers may also suddenly surface.

Even when this is the case, however, you will be able to navigate this dramatic and turbulent time because there is a lucky sense of fate being on your side now.

You don’t have to know exactly where the path is taking you right now and there is greater healing power in being open to the path still unfolding than there is in micromanaging the journey.

Transiting Chiron square natal Uranus

Unexpected surprises occur now and this can be a time of major emotional triggers. Your views and perspective can be dramatically changed now. You are likely to feel frustration and friction as a result of situations spiraling out of your control.

Trying to hold on to control or preserve your own power will be fruitless now. Your best course of action is to recognize the friction and tension surrounding past wounds and traumas.

You can find greater healing but will have to put past wounds into new perspective and dramatic changes of heart are likely now.

Transiting Chiron trine natal Uranus

Dramatic changes can wipe out your plans or set you on an unexpected new path but no matter how shocking, surprises work out in your favor.

Past wounds and traumas are surfacing in unexpected ways but this ultimately serves to help you land on a more solid foundation in the long run. You will have the opportunity to break away from work, relationships or anything that is not contributing to your growth and healing.

The process of breaking away may seem dramatic but you will feel ready and optimistic as if you know it is finally time to pull up steaks and move on. You may also have a much easier time moving on from loss or unexpected changes now because a much more fortunate opportunity has arisen to take the place of what has been lost.

Transiting Chiron opposite natal Uranus

Dramatic changes and disruptions place you at odds with important goals. You may feel a loss of control and this triggers old wounds and traumas now.

Pain and hardship from the past that you somehow managed to sweep under the rug or stuff into the closet comes barreling back into your life now. You may try to run and hide from the underlying pain and wounds related to feeling ostracized or alienated but now is the time to draw on your unique views and perspective.

In fact your secret weapon to regaining security is your ability to think in unusual ways and stand apart from the crowd. Stop denying your gifts and insight, don’t shrink to fit or silence your eccentric and colorful voice now.

Face your uniqueness and creativity and your intuition will help you overcome past wounds and heal others now.

Transiting Chiron quincunx natal Uranus

Surprise changes and unusual developments may rock your foundations now. You are likely to have to retrace your steps and deal with past wounds and traumas on a much deeper level.

You have the opportunity to make major adaptations to your mindset and social groups. You may have to come to balance and discern between true friends and unhealthy connections, worthwhile organizations and cults.

Your creativity and unique perspective can be key to your healing now but you need to be willing to give yourself permission to be true to yourself and not let past insecurities cause you to try to change yourself.

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