Transiting Chiron on natal Chiron

By 12andus

Chiron-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Chiron

This is a time of great awakening, growth and spiritual connection. Old wounds are rehashed and their lessons brought out into the open. You may feel like you have more to offer others through service and healing than you are able to offer for yourself now.

This is an important time to honor your unique vision and wisdom that has been earned through experiencing past wounds. Wounds related to trusting intuition are also rehashed now.

This can be a time of raw emotion and higher sensitivity as if your spiritual aches are reverberating through many areas of your life. This is also a time of deeper healing and greater potential wisdom.

Transiting Chiron sextile natal Chiron

This is a fortunate time of spiritual healing and progress on resolving old wounds. You stand out to others as a healer and others are drawn to you now because of your unique vision and ability to turn difficult circumstances into opportunities to gain wisdom and heal old wounds.

Your past traumas and unresolved wounds stand out to you now and you will have a much easier time than usual listening to your intuition and following your instincts. You may gain unusual perspectives as a result of your connections to others.

Chance encounters connect you with people and resources you need to follow your spiritual goals and overcome your inner wounds and pain from the past.

Transiting Chiron square natal Chiron

The very wounds and traumas you need to heal the most are brought to the surface and create discomfort and pain right now. Friction from unresolved losses may interfere with your ability to place your emotional pain and wounds in perspective.

You need to come to acceptance of past wounds and traumas in order to fully heal and move on from them but this is going to be a challenge currently. You will be called to face the consequences of burying emotions or fighting against your unique wisdom and perspective.

You can find deeper motivation as a healer and rise to greater wisdom and understanding now but in order to do this you must work through challenges from your past and face the skeletons you’ve locked in your closet.

Transiting Chiron trine natal Chiron

This is a fortunate time to embrace your unusual wisdom and unique perspective. Greater awakenings await you now. It is important to reclaim your power and strengths as a healer and leader now.

You have fortunate opportunities to connect with people who need healing and who are experiencing the wounds you’ve had to overcome. You stand out as a guide and inspiration to others now. It’s easier than usual for you to let go of past baggage and put old wounds and traumas in perspective now.

You are given a unique vantage point now and your past experiences are key to getting your message across. You have the unique authority to give voice to the wounds and traumas of others because of status or credibility that you’ve earned.

Transiting Chiron opposite natal Chiron

This is a difficult time for you as you are called to face up to past losses and traumas that have not been resolved. You can’t brush your past pains under the rug now. You’ll have to find ways to integrate past wounds and traumas rather than projecting your issues onto others.

You are likely to be sensitive to triggers now and this is an important time to resolve self doubts and inner fears that continue to stand in the way of greater healing and growth now.

You may want to avoid your own issues or try to fit in rather than accepting your unique strengths and perspective but you will go farther now by accepting your unusual path rather than going along with the crowd.

Transiting Chiron quincunx natal Chiron

You have the opportunity to accept your unique views and quirky side. The aspect of your personality that makes you feel alienated at times because it is linked to past wounds is actually a great source of strength for you now.

Coming to accept this part of yourself and your unique path as a healer is key though you may have to make adjustments to your thinking or understanding in order to really appreciate your gifts.

Your abilities to heal others and inspire and empower those around you are brought to the forefront now. Be open embracing your gifts and recognize that you have the ability to work through your past wounds and make a significant difference to others.

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