Transiting Chiron on natal Ascendant

Chiron-AC-Harm.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Ascendant

This is an intense time for you. You may feel compelled to act on your unique and quirky side, showing your strengths and creative side that stems from your past wounds.

Your ability to act independently is crucial now as you pave your own way and chart a course based on your past traumas and wounds now. Your unique perspective is shared transparently with others now.

You may be physically and visibly showing your unique strengths and harnessing your gifts as a healer now. Your past wounds may be visible to others but this only lends further credibility and authority to you.

Transiting Chiron sextile natal Ascendant

You have the potential to use your platform, image and quirky aspects of your personality to inspire others or to share aspects of your healing that have made your path unique.

You may emerge as a leader or inspiration to others now and this is a good time to follow your intuition and be open to showing the world who you are. Vulnerability is a great strength now.

You may have opportunities to heal and resolve old traumas by coming to terms with the strengths and wisdom you’ve gained from these experiences. You can become a beacon to others who are still struggling with territory you have overcome.

Transiting Chiron square natal Ascendant

Denying your quirky side and subduing your wisdom so that you can fit in or hold on to the past is not going to serve you now. You may be called to acknowledge your wounds and past traumas but feel reluctant to do so.

At this time you’ll find yourself continuing to brush up against reminders of the past and feeling restricted or frustrated if you try to sidestep your greater calling or hide from your intuition. You have accumulated greater wisdom and a unique perspective because of past wounds or traumas. If you aren’t expressing these views or drawing from this strength you will continue to face barriers. Accept yourself and the impact of your past and you can become more successful as a healer or guide now.

Transiting Chiron trine natal Ascendant

This is a fortunate time to take past wounds and traumas and showcase the wisdom and strength you’ve gained from finding your path to healing. You stand out as a beacon to others and your reputation as an intuitive, wise healer is spreads to those who need your guidance now.

This is an important time for awakenings, trusting your instincts and being open to the lessons from your past wounds and traumas. Putting old heartbreak and wounds into perspective is easier for you now.

Your presence and appearance as well as your outward personality are a mirror for others now and you will find that others are more receptive to your insight and wisdom. You will have the opportunity to empower and uplift those around you now.

Transiting Chiron opposite natal Ascendant

You may be focusing on healing yourself vicariously by trying to help others. Codependency may distract you from your own path and healing now.

By maintaining balance between your own needs and the needs of others you are able to keep a balance between your unique and quirky strengths and the lessons from your past wounds and traumas. Partnerships may currently be a vehicle for greater self awareness but balance and perspective are needed.

Don’t let the temptation to pour your energy into someone else’s traumas and wounds cause you to lose sight of your strengths and need for independent perspective now. You may be struggling to accept or embrace some aspect of your own gifts or wisdom in order to fit in or maintain a partnership, but playing small or ignoring your gifts and intuition will not help you in the long run.

Transiting Chiron quincunx natal Ascendant

Adjustments are needed now so that you can adapt your strengths and wisdom to circumstances impacted by past wounds and past traumas. You may struggle now to embrace your gifts and quirks in your personality that make you a visionary and a healer.

You may go to some extent to suppress your own greatest strengths but you will now have opportunities to course-correct and find your true path to leadership as a healer and inspiration to others.

You may have to pull back from zealous attempts to avoid your calling. Rather than avoiding your gifts and brushing your wisdom aside in order to fit in, this is a time to embrace your strengths and colorful personality as well as the strengths that have come from transcending your wounds and past traumas.

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