Lilith in Aries, Lilith in Taurus, Lilith in Gemini, Lilith in Cancer

lilith.png Lilith in Aries

You are ferocious in your pursuit of independence. Though you can be optimistic and seductive, you’ll rebel against anyone who tries to control you or get you to conform to their standards.

You won’t surrender control without a fight and you’ll pull out all the stops if you need to. No holds barred. You’re passionate about what you believe is right and your instincts don’t have to be supported by evidence.

You are highly active and when conflict arises you may need to keep moving in order to process your feelings. You’re highly competitive and will put scruples aside in order to win.

Your rage can be triggered by any limitations on your independence and also by anyone trying to take your power, control or cut in on your lead. You may use sexuality as a means to control or influence others.

Lilith in Taurus

You are sensual, earthy and have a powerful appetite for sexuality and comforting. When angry you can put up walls and others who cross you won’t be easily (or ever) forgiven.

You have an enticing beauty that captivates others and even when you’re angry others can’t stay away from you, although you may wish they would.

You have no tolerance for anyone threatening your sense of comfort and security and you can become outraged if you are undermined in business or if others threaten your health. You aren’t into throwing fits, you’re much too classy for that. But your cold shoulder can send shockwaves that will make anyone regret they overstepped your boundaries.

Your deepest instincts and desires drive you to seek comfort, security and even luxury. You’re tempted by pleasure and push the boundaries to accumulate wealth or admirers.

Lilith in Gemini

You can smile and laugh while calculating how you will tear your enemy to pieces. Fortunately, your moods change quickly and you aren’t likely to actually be violent.

Instead you’ll fall back on the deep secrets others shared during your casual chats with them.

At the right moment, you’ll use your own words to do battle. You are also likely to use the words of your adversary, to cut them down and protect yourself.

You won’t tolerate anyone stifling your expression or creativity and you can be provoked to rage when people try to limit your views and ideas. When others don’t act as rationally or intellectually as you think they should, you can lose your patience.

Though you have a generally lighthearted and even child like way of debating with others, your simmering rage may hide behind a thin veneer of satire, witticism and charm. You aren’t interested in sexual conquest but may try to play mind games with others as a means of sexual foreplay or to exert control over potential partners.

Lilith in Cancer

You can be nurturing and loving but when your generosity is taken advantage of, a fierce mama bear emerges.

You won’t forgive or forget those who try to invade your private space. You may consider the worst offense of all to be someone jeopardizing your family or threatening your loved ones.

When this happens, you’ll summon deep emotional rage and come out swinging with both fists. Your emotions can run wild when you are triggered and you’ll go to extremes to protect your home and family.

You won’t let anyone try to tell you how to run your household, parent your children or nurture yourself. You abide only by your own rules when it comes to creating safety and security at home and in family. Though you may seem compassionate and nurturing, you are also seductive because of your nurturing and protective instincts.

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