Lilith in Sagittarius, Lilith in Capricorn, Lilith in Aquarius, Lilith in Pisces

lilith.png Lilith in Sagittarius

You are fiercely independent and have deep seated instincts regarding your philosophy and sense of truth and idealism. You won’t let anyone influence your ideals and will fight for your beliefs.

When conflicts arise you can brush off most things and remain passionate yet optimistic. Yet when you feel that anyone is trying to stifle you or convince you to change your mind, you can become rageful and rebellious.

You won’t settle and this can cause friction when others want to be closer to you. You may have a big heart and tons of passion but you won’t look to someone else to fulfill you. You are in love with life’s pleasures and feel entitled to experience everything to the extreme.

Your sexual passions vary and in general you want more of anything that makes you feel good. When pleasure seeking backfires, though, you may refuse to take responsibility and blame others.

You may also use excessive spending, sexual exploits and other pleasure seeking behaviors as a means of coping with anger or as a way to rebel when you feel confined.

Lilith in Capricorn

You try to be reserved and to dull your passions but you crave success. Your passion is like a steadily burning torch that you use to keep yourself motivated even when it feels like you’re going up against the world.

You can be drawn to ancient mysteries and find power in the stability of the past. You are instinctively tied to tradition and ritual. You are tempted by the prospect of becoming famous and successful and you may become obsessed with your work or financial standing as a measure of self-worth.

You may thrive on conflict because it motivates you to pursue your dreams and fight harder for what you want. You consider yourself a rags-to-riches story in the making. You’re dedicated and ambitious. You have concrete beliefs about right and wrong but you don’t tolerate anyone telling you what to do.

Lilith in Aquarius

You can be intense and erratic. Your rage may appear suddenly and seem out of proportion to your circumstances.

That’s because you have tried to intellectualize your instincts and wild side. It never works for long, though. Inevitably, your energy bursts to the surface and you feel compelled to act on your passions and instincts.

You are independent and freedom loving and will react with swift rage if anyone tries to limit or suppress you. Your sexual interests and deeper instincts make you a rebel.

You are instinctually drawn to the strange, new and unusual. You can be shocking to others because of your tendency of breaking boundaries and challenging the status quo.

You may misjudge your friends or acquaintances or assume greater intimacy or disinterest rather than seeing friendships for what they are. You can be fiercely dedicated to your friends while still demanding independence and space.

Lilith in Pisces

You are instinctively drawn to and even obsessed with the mystical and spiritual. You may try to suppress your vulnerability yet you can’t help being influenced by your deep desires and fantasies.

You are enamored with your idealistic and fantastic view of the world but can also be deceived by illusions and wishful thinking. You are more likely to turn your rage inward and develop deep depression, addictions or self-sabotage behaviors.

Although Lilith typically denotes areas of independence and rebellion, you find your greatest power to stand up for yourself in the context of partnerships.

You may be drawn to dependent and toxic relationships and continually rebel against the control and power of others while also insisting on holding on to your partner.

I may become lost in self-delusion and stuck on fantasies of what I wish life was like instead of taking responsibility for getting to the root of conflicts. I can also grow to heal past wounds and transform conflicts.

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