Moon and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you harness the raw power of your intuition and emotions?

Moon-Lilith-Harm.jpg Moon conjunct Lilith

You are keenly attuned to the depths of your emotions and subconscious world. When your emotions are stirred, you feel compelled to take dramatic action to express your need for freedom.

Releasing deep emotions and wounds can be a dramatic experience for you and you may feel like your instincts are strongly triggered even before you understand how to make sense of a crisis.

You are deeply attuned to the emotions of others and may be roused into fighting mode on behalf of those who need nurturing or protection. You are also likely to feel compelled to rock the boat when it comes to issues of injustice related to women, children or unfair housing practices.

Your sense of security and family are intertwined with your feelings of safety and you are likely to insist on others respecting your authority and boundaries when it comes to even your closest relationships. You’ll do a lot for your family but you won’t limit yourself for anyone.

Moon sextile Lilith

Your deep inner instincts and amotional sensitivity help you express your deeper desires. Even your unconventional, raw and wild nature is easily understood by others because you express yourself with empathy and compassion.

Your instincts and deeper emotions can lead you to unleash your latent sexual power and accept your sexual desires as well.

You don’t shy away from taboo and you can freely rebel against any suppression of your emotions without losing friends and admirers.

Moon square Lilith

Your insecurities and deep fears can cause you to try to stifle your deeper intuitive nature and emotional side.

You may need to come to terms with your sexual desires and need for emotional validation after fighting through friction to reclaim your wild inner nature.

If you’re not careful, you may end up pushing people away who could help you recognize and heal your deeper emotions because your erratic reactions can intimidate others.

Moon trine Lilith

It is easy for your emotions and instincts to fuel your deeper desires. Your sexuality may be heavily influenced by feelings of security.

It’s easy for you to express your vulnerability and sensitive nature through acts of rebellion and through your wild, instinctive drives. Your creativity and sexual energy are also fueled by your intuitive insights and subconscious desires.

Your intuition is fine tuned and without even trying you have no problem expressing your emotions or intuitive desires even if what you want is considered taboo. You may nurture your deeper raw emotions with ease, showing strength to others.

Moon opposite Lilith

You have a strong sense of intuition and may feel compelled to take on responsibility for those around you as if they were your children, regardless of their age.

You will try to protect and nurture others but may also rebel against overprotection as an intrusion on your freedom.

You won’t play second-fiddle to anyone so even at home or in family relationships you insist on being an equal partner and maintaining independence and autonomy. You’re nurturing and caring but you won’t put your dreams and desires aside in order to be a silent caretaker for others.

When others are unsafe or unhappy, you go into full combat mode but you may try to downplay or contain your intense emotions. When you do, it only results in outrage that spills over eventually. You may sense the need for security and protection but may not always validate this deeper intuition at first.

Moon quincunx Lilith

You may come to discover deeper truths about your inner instincts and emotional nature and about your deeper sexual desires.

You’ll also learn to validate your instinctual drives and sexual desires. In order to accomplish full self acceptance though, you may need to break away from insecurities and stifling past beliefs that formed your early opinions about sexuality and intuition.

Your fears can lead you to alienate yourself from others but will ultimately become a source of strength and motivation.

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