Mercury and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you communicate your intense need for freedom?

    By 12andus

    Mercury-Lilith-Harm.jpg Mercury conjunct Lilith

    You may easily become an activist or agitator combating tyranny and oppression using your words and writing. You have no problem letting others know when they’ve crossed a line and you won’t let anyone keep you silent when you sense oppression or abuse of power.

    You have a strong will and demand respect for your ideas and intelligence. You can outmaneuver your opponents through your intellect and communication skills. Your passion shows when you write and speak and as a result you either write from the heart with raw emotion or come across as wild and intimidating to others.

    You may compulsively feel the need to speak up for those who don’t have your passion and assertiveness and can become outraged when others don’t understand your views or think differently. A good outlet for your rage is also expression and connection with others who understand your thinking.

    Mercury sextile Lilith

    Your mindset and communication style can make it easy for you to authentically express your deep inner instincts. You can also convey some aspects of your sexuality and even your dark and rebellious nature.

    Books or articles you write or other forms of communication and teaching that you initiate can pave the way for greater freedom of expression and sexual freedom for others.

    It’s easy for you to speak from the heart even if what you have to say is unpopular. You’re courageous and don’t sugar coat your words and this is appreciated by those around you.

    Mercury square Lilith

    Your message is often under or overstated and your deep seated emotions and wild nature make it hard for you to hit your mark when you try to express your ideas.

    When you learn to listen to your intuition and validate your deep seated instincts, though, you can gain greater motivation to get your message out. The key for you is to not get distracted by the deep desire to be recognized as ‘right’ as opposed to being seen as ‘wrong.’

    You may be misunderstood at times but will be able to fine tune your message without suppressing your beliefs.

    You may need to work harder than others to feel your voice is being heard and not trampled on.

    Mercury trine Lilith

    Your ideas and intellect easily fuel your deep seated instincts and wild nature. Your interests in sexuality and your expression of raw inner emotions are influenced by words, ideas and your intellectual pursuits.

    You may have a more idealistic and intellectual view of sexuality and rage rather than getting into the deeper emotions.

    Mercury opposite Lilith

    Your mind and passions may not always be in alignment. You have a deep well of intense feelings and this can transform to rage at times because it can be challenging for you to express yourself.

    You may easily feel misunderstood or controlled by others who try to influence your ideas and stifle your communication. You may feel like you are fighting to get your voice heard or to have your ideas validated.

    You are prone to miscommunication or misunderstandings if not careful about how you express your deeper feelings as you can impulsively unleash pent up frustrations through spoken or written words without giving thought to others’ views. At the same time you are a staunch supporter of free and open expression and you hate being censored. You struggle to balance validating the expression and ideas of others and not lashing out when you disagree.

    Mercury quincunx Lilith

    You may try to suppress your sexual nature through rationalization.

    This never works in the long run, though. You may have to experiment with various extremes and depths of emotion, anger and sexual rebellion before discovering your actual interests and aligning your mindset and attitudes toward sexuality and your wild instincts.

    You may feel awkward about your ideas and not know when to enter a conversation, sometimes lingering too long or speaking too soon, but when you become comfortable with your communication style and message, you’ll stop fretting about trying to get your point across in the perfect manner.

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