Venus and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you express your unbridled sexual and creative passions?

By 12andus

Venus-Lilith-Harm.jpg Venus conjunct Lilith

Your sexual and romantic interests can be intense and you can be a passionate lover.

You are compassionate and empathic yet your deeper desires for justice and power can rock the boat in your relationships. You will not be subservient or overlooked in any relationship. Though you can be instinctively nurturing and highly attractive to others, you won’t compromise your values for any partner, lover or even in your career or business.

You can easily attract opportunities to thrive and create abundance but you are also sensitive to injustices in finance. You can be wreckless in your pursuit of pleasure and romance. You won’t let anyone limit you and you insist on that others see your value and show you the respect you deserve. You have a strong sense of feminine power but may resist conforming to traditional gender roles.

You can be outspoken about body image issues, your rage and deeper emotions can be a catalyst for you to help others fight back against issues of domestic violence, toxic relationships or relationship addiction, but in doing so you also need to try to balance and funnel your powerful urges to not lose yourself in relationships.

Venus sextile Lilith

It’s easy for you to translate your desires and sense of beauty even when doing so challenges the status quo.

You know your true value and worth and because of this you’ll rebel with outrage and intensity against anyone who tries to take advantage of you. Usually, you can resolve your problems diplomatically. However you won’t hold back if others try to stifle your creativity or sense of beauty.

You can be dramatic and independent in your approach to love, relationships and even finance and money. You follow your own instincts and it always works out for the best for you.

Venus square Lilith

You are emboldened and inspired by friction between your desire for freedom to express your deeper sexual desires and your love of beauty and harmony.

You can be motivated to confront repression if it means feeling liberated to express your true self and deeper desires.

Your instinctive reaction may be to try to dominate others or avoid intimacy, but by facing friction through relationships you can come to establish your own power and deeper connections.

Venus trine Lilith

You find it very easy to express your deep desires, sexuality and beauty. You may also receive praise and validation for your edginess, authenticity and unique style.

While others may face a backlash for having similar attitudes, you are able to build bridges rather than being confrontational or shunned by society. This makes it easier for you to be true to yourself and pave the way for sexual and personal liberation for others.

It’s easy for you to be true to your authentic nature and even when you feel like you’re going through your darkest moments, you have a way of showing your beauty and grace.

Venus opposite Lilith

You may feel haunted by a sense of not fitting into the stereotypes in your relationships and partnerships. Your sense of beauty is radically different than others and may even come across as dark, edgy and wild.

You may have had to reclaim your power, sexuality and connection to the divine feminine by fighting back against oppression, sexual suppression or abuse, or social stigma related to sexuality, beauty and self-worth.

You may attract people who challenge you to claim your personal power. Tumultuous romantic relationships or friendships may force you to make your boundaries known. Those who try to control or act possessive in relationships will trigger your rage as you fight back against toxic relationships.

Venus quincunx Lilith

You may have to work hard to embrace your authentic desire. You may also have to overcome dependence on approval and relationships early in life in order to fully embrace your own power later in life.

Challenges to self-acceptance makes you value your deep inner nature even more once you’ve fully rejected conformity. While you are awakening to discover your deeper beauty and true value as an individual, you may seek recognition or praise from others.

This usually backfires though and through practice you will learn how to set your own value and establish boundaries that respect your gifts.

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