Mars and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you express your ambition and raw passions?

By 12andus

Mars-Lilith-Harm.jpg Mars conjunct Lilith

I have an insatiable desire for freedom. My passions are fueled by intense energy and I may be quick to react with anger, especially when confined or oppressed in any way. I need my freedom and need to be recognized for my unique gifts and talents.

My biggest triggers to rage and anger include suppression of my ambitions or others taking me for granted. I will not limit myself to fit in with anyone else’s expectations and will not back down when I feel I should be in charge or treated as an equal partner either in romance, business or family.

I strike out on my own path and can be impulsive and creative. When I channel my raw power I can become a courageous leader and instigator of change or growth for others, but I will definitely make sure I am protecting my own interests as well.

Mars sextile Lilith

You have no problem asserting your passions and focusing on what brings you pleasure, even if it makes you a big unconventional socially.

You don’t need anyone else’s approval and can easily follow your ambition and sexual desires without worrying about what others think. You find it easy to be a leader and even your unique and often taboo ambitions actually pave the way for others rather than alienating them.

Your strength and courage to assert your unique power and ability as a leader can bring you to paving the way for others especially when it comes to sexual and personal liberation.

Mars square Lilith

You may feel frustrated by people who interfere with your ambitions or try to stifle your passions and sexual interests.

You don’t like being limited or confined and can react with pent up rage when your independence and freedom are stifled.

Even when you have good reason to rebel against others and rebuke those who try to stifle you, it will help you express your drive and passions if you are able to focus your energy and not get distracted by power struggles.

Mars trine Lilith

It’s easy for you to follow your passions and you may be considered a leader or role model for others who are trying to find liberation and freedom from oppression.

Your honesty and sexual freedom are inspiring to others and you can be powerful and independent but don’t seek to dominate others. Your passion and desire gives you a sense of freedom and you may easily overestimate your physical or emotional endurance. You can be energetic and unstoppable when you are on a mission.

Mars opposite Lilith

Your intense ambition and passions may burst forth in raw but counterproductive episodes of rebellion and self-preservation.

You can become focused and determined to succeed at any cost but your desire to outmaneuver others can also lead you to lose perspective. You may win the battle but lose the war because victory becomes more important than the goal of empowerment or leadership itself.

You may also have to struggle to reclaim your personal sense of empowerment especially in sexual or intimate relationships. If you feel that you are being dominated by people who are overprotective, jealous or demanding, you will rebel and demand independence and freedom. At the same time, you may become jealous and possessive of others when your insecurities are triggered.

Mars quincunx Lilith

You will need to make adjustments and accommodations throughout your development so that you can fully embrace and feel confident with your inner nature.

Your sexuality may be repressed early in life, though you reclaim your identity and passions through facing difficult traumas and hard lessons.

You may have to reclaim your confidence and pursuing your ambitions but you can build back your strength and focus over the course of time. You will need to work on finding the right balance between extremes in order to channel your passion productively and avoid power struggles.

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