Lilith and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you embody your Shadow side and deeper power?

    By 12andus

    Lilith-AC-Harm.jpg Lilith conjunct Ascendant

    You can be enigmatic, seductive, passionate and intense. Your sexuality is a part of who you are to the point that you wear it transparently and without shame. Your bold and courageous energy serves as a lesson to others who would try to intimidate or control you.

    You don’t let anyone cramp your style or try to suppress your beauty and passion. When you feel rejected or suppressed, you may react with outrage. Sometimes it seems the level of anger your project when challenges arise is out of proportion to the catalyst. This may be true because in part you are pulling the lid off of years or a lifetime of deeper angst.

    When you are unhappy, everyone around you knows it. You don’t try to hide or minimize your unhappiness. You can be intensely passionate and your sexuality may push boundaries but you won’t hide who you are or feel bad about your impulses or desires.

    Lilith sextile Ascendant

    You carry your inner instincts and intuition openly and it’s easy for others to see your true nature.

    It’s easy for you to be open about your sexuality and deep desires. You may be proud of your rebellious natures and will not stifle your unique style to satisfy others. Your appearance shows your confidence and individuality. You aren’t afraid to show your passions and sexuality and inner beauty.

    Lilith square Ascendant

    You may try to stifle your deeper inner nature and sexuality in order to be accepted by others, but this will be a source of friction.

    You will have to grow to embrace your unique inner self and sexuality in order to feel comfortable sharing your true nature openly. Your outer appearance and mannerisms don’t always match your deeper emotions and desires but you can become more comfortable and motivated to adjust so that you are showing your true nature openly.

    Lilith trine Ascendant

    It’s easy for you to show your rebellious, sexual, passionate and independent side. Your true inner nature is easily received by others.

    You may change your appearance to reflect your deeper passions and wild inner nature. Your subconscious feelings show on your face and in your body language and it’s difficult for you to keep your inner feelings concealed.

    Your desire for freedom and independence gives you a unique style that is obvious to others. You carry your confidence and your appearance is influenced by your raw edgy nature.

    Lilith opposite Ascendant

    Your passion and deep, dark desires are often kept carefully suppressed from the public eye. Instead you show your Shadow side only to those most intimately connected to you. You may crave forbidden love or become obsessively attracted to edgy, intense and highly sexually charged partnerships.

    You may desire intimacy but also push others away or become intensely emotionally triggered when relationships become too intimate. You will not allow anyone to threaten your independence or intimidate you. You will try to test your boundaries and express your deep urges and untamed emotions through your partnerships.

    It may feel as if partnerships help you release pent up pressure, especially through sexual expression. Yet you also may project your unrestrained rage and past unhealed wounds onto the people closest to you. You may also try to keep your intense inner longings at bay only to lose control and sabotage your relationships. Embracing all aspects of your sexuality, power and inner desires may help you moderate this powerful energy.

    Lilith quincunx Ascendant

    It’s hard for you to align your image and appearance with your true inner nature. You may try too hard to over or understate your inner desires and sexuality.

    In time, you can grow to embrace and accept your inner nature and sexuality. You can learn to embrace your inner power after going through difficult trials. By working through struggles, you will be able to align your behavior and appearance with your deeper passions and raw emotions.

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