Lilith and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your deeper urges fuel your career and public image?

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    Lilith-MC-Harm.jpg Lilith conjunct Midheaven

    Even in professional settings, you can’t suppress your inner urges and longings.

    Your sexuality, power and inner feelings fuel your public image and can make you a formidable force in career and business. Your adversaries will not want to step on your toes because you will be fiercely protective of your ambitions. At the same time you may have to learn to trust your instincts and refute the status quo in order to succeed in your industry.

    You can rise to positions of leadership by being true to yourself and this can lead you to an unorthodox path to success and leadership. As you express your raw desire for independence and power, you’ll attract those who admire your authenticity but also alienate those who want to convince you to tone down your approach.

    You may become infamous or gain notoriety for your instinctive, raw emotion and acts of rebellion especially in rebelling against the status quo in your business, industry or career path. Sexual scandals or pushing sexual or gender boundaries can also lead to social recognition or influence your career path.

    Lilith sextile Midheaven

    You easily find ways to build on your deep inner longings and sense of rebelliousness as you ascend in your career.

    Your career path is enhanced by your individuality and your unusual, rebellious nature. Rather than alienating you, your raw emotions and inner rage can benefit your career and help motivate you. You may need a career path that allows control and independence.

    Lilith square Midheaven

    You can grow to achieve success through your struggle to accept and embrace your inner nature and true desires.

    Being a rebel can cause friction throughout your career path but ultimately can lead to motivation and victory when you learn to stick to your goals and ideals while also not conforming to the status quo.

    Friction between your deeper desires and the needs of your public image or career path can bring challenges or lead you to sabotage your career until you have a clearer sense of your strength and autonomy.

    Lilith trine Midheaven

    Your unique and even edgy personality leads you to actually be more endearing and successful.

    Freedom, raw emotion and acceptance of sexual power may play in to your brand and image and this helps you advance your career.

    Your public image is helped by controversy and rebellion, rather than being harmed by these things. You have a knack for using your free spirited nature as a beacon to rally others to liberate themselves, either through your work or public image.

    Lilith opposite Midheaven

    You try hard to suppress and hide your raw emotions and deeper instincts so that you can conform to expectations of others, especially in your career. You may be highly protective of your public image but in denying your deeper desires, you cut yourself off from a source of power, confidence and creativity.

    Denying your raw emotions and suppressing pent up anger can result in volatility or explosive rage or rebellion at home. Also, you may have grown up in a family plagued by domestic violence or frequent outbursts and this may have taught you to keep up a solid outside appearance while suppressing your own deeper compulsion to rebel or lash out at those who try to control or intimidate you.

    You can become fiercely protective of home and family but deny your stronger instincts or downplay your desires in the public arena. You may also try to deny or suppress your sexuality for the sake of maintaining the status quo.

    When you come to accept your powerful inner nature, even the rageful and rebellious aspects of your creative power, you can emerge as a leader and actually set the stage for a successful career.

    Lilith quincunx Midheaven

    You have to work through traumas and inner rage in order to fully embrace your power and gifts. Your deeper desires and raw emotions may have been suppressed because of fear of needing to maintain a public image or professional appearance.

    Your career can actually be bolstered as you become more confident in yourself and your authentic nature.

    Once you do, however, you’ll be able to rise to greater status and power and advance in your career path. You may have to channel your rebellious streak in order to successfully advance in your career.

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