Synastry Lilith in the other person's houses

Lilith-12-Harm.jpg Synastry Lilith in the other person's 1st house: How do you blend individuality and rebelliousness?

Lilith person brings a spark of passion, sexuality and raw emotion that influences House 1 person's sense of identity. Lilith person may give House 1 person permission to be true to their inner selves and greater courage.

Lilith person and House 1 person have a strong physical attraction to each other and may seek each other out as love at first sight.

Lilith person finds empowerment and encouragement from House 1 person and knows that House 1 person will help them express their raw, deep emotions. House 1 person can help Lilith person showcase their creative talents as a leader and transparent partner.

This couple doesn’t care what anyone thinks about them. They will show their true colors and inner personalities regardless of backlash from others. Instead they admire and honor each other’s deeper need and help each other make their unconscious desires and needs conscious.

Synastry Lilith in the other person's 2nd house: How do you express your unique sense of value and security?

This couple can bring radical new energy to what each partner values.

Lilith person refuses to be constrained by House 2 person's need for security and stability. Lilith person may be drawn to House 2 person's strong, enduring energy and personal sense of confidence, but they won’t be limited or confined by House 2 person's need for comfort and security.

House 2 person is thrown off balance by Lilith person's temperamental personality but can also help Lilith person discover their deeper roots and find healing and security so they can unleash their raw emotions.

Both partners may become excessive in pursuit of pleasure. Sexuality and materialism can take each of these partners to extremes for fulfillment or status.

Synastry Lilith in the other person's 3rd house: How do you express your unique, rebellious energy in communication?

This couple will understand each other best if they can each hold an unwavering respect for individuality and free thought.

Lilith person pushes the boundaries and expands House 3 person's thinking and perspective. If House 3 person can remain flexible, they can be excited and thrilled by Lilith person's raw emotion and uncompromising attitude.

House 3 person can break down barriers and come to understand Lilith person, and themselves, in a new way if they are true to their desire for authenticity rather than falling into social norms and superficiality. Any deflection or sugar coating of the truth will be called out by Lilith person.

Lilith person is exciting, sensual and can challenge House 3 person's intellectual limits and boundaries. Lilith person can also share a unique creative perspective that opens House 3 person's mind.

Synastry Lilith in the other person's 4th house: How do you draw out each other’s deeper urges for security?

Both Lilith person and House 4 person are concerned with security. Yet Lilith person finds security by flexing their independent muscle and finding their own territory, defining things on their own terms.

At the same time, House 4 person looks for security through home and family. Lilith person can seem tumultuous and erratic, dramatic and intense to House 4 person.

House 4 person finds Lilith person to be edgy and can feel personally intimidated by their strong personality. Lilith person may see House 4 person as too confining and overbearing. Lilith person may rebel against House 4 person's traditions and rules, or House 4 person may seem emotionally suffocating.

House 4 person can also support Lilith person's raw emotional urges and both can help each other realize deeper instincts, intuition and urges for emotional expression.

Synastry Lilith in the other person's 5th house: How does creativity, playfulness and sensuality combine in this relationship?

This pair can bring intensity and creativity, pushing boundaries and breaking all the rules. At the same time they may compete with each other for status or independence in this relationship.

Lilith person is intrigued by House 5 person's flirty, fun and romantic side. House 5 person isn’t trying to overwhelm Lilith person with emotional demands or commitments and Lilith person appreciates that. Both are free to be themselves, but they may compete with each other or show each other up.

House 5 person enjoy’s Lilith person's flirtatious and sexual side and admires Lilith person's desire for independence. Lilith person is fascinated by House 5 person's creativity and refusal to conform and both appreciate the other’s unique skills and sensuality.

Synastry Lilith in the other person's 6th house: How do you deal with daily routines together?

This pairing deals with details of daily life by bringing unconscious urges and instincts to the surface.

Lilith person may feel restricted by House 6 person's focus on practical matters and logical analysis. While House 6 person is obsessed with analyzing facts and intellect, Lilith person is all about outpourings of raw emotion.

Lilith person can be focused, obsessed and intense and this feeds House 6 person's desire for intense scrutiny and analysis though Lilith person will bring colorful, chaotic and emotionally charged energy that House 6 person can feel overwhelmed by.

House 6 person is challenged to be true to their inner instincts even when it isn’t popular. Though House 6 person tends to be more optimistic than Lilith person, Lilith person helps House 6 person tap into their edgy inner Shadow self in a playful and creative way or through sexuality.

Synastry Lilith in the other person's 7th house: How do you balance the need for connection and independence?

This pair focuses on creating balance between independence and need for connection and perspective.

House 7 person helps Lilith person see what they aren’t consciously aware of, bringing their darker, hidden instincts to light. Lilith person needs to maintain independence and freedom but is able to appreciate House 7 person's perspective as a way to balance their own.

Lilith person looks to House 7 person for a different view and to balance out their own inner instincts. House 7 person can also balance Lilith person's intense emotional urges with their intellectual perspective. House 7 person tries to be fair and can be unconditionally accepting of Lilith person's edgy side, but also won’t let Lilith person's assumptions go unchecked.

Lilith person appreciates that House 7 person can show empathy and connection without being emotionally smothering.

Synastry Lilith in the other person's 8th house: How do you facilitate deep transformation in this relationship?

Both Lilith person and House 8 person find deep and intense attraction in this relationship.

Lilith person is drawn to House 8 person's sense of power and authority though Lilith person will not allow House 8 person to overwhelm them by making demands or intruding on Lilith person's freedom.

House 8 person recognizes Lilith person's subconscious wounds and instincts and is drawn to Lilith person's dark, edgy nature. House 8 person knows enough to respect Lilith person's boundaries.

Both can inspire passion and sexual exploration as well as intense healing and rebirth.

Synastry Lilith in the other person's 9th house: How do you influence each other’s beliefs and spirituality?

Both Lilith person and House 9 person are fascinated by each other’s idealism and love of freedom and independence.

Lilith person has no problem respecting House 9 person's need for space, travel and expansion. Both can enhance each other’s world view.

While House 9 person is generally optimistic and can influence Lilith person to be more confident and inspired, they also know not to be too confining and they are unconditionally supportive of Lilith person.

House 9 person can be intrigued by Lilith person's intense personality and wide range of emotions and also is drawn to Lilith person's desire for extremes and sensuality.

Both help each other expand beyond limitations though House 9 person does this by being an inspiration to Lilith person and focusing on intellect. Lilith person does this through chaos, emotional outbursts and by challenging House 9 person's comfort zone.

Synastry Lilith in the other person's 10th house: How do you promote each other’s career and public image?

This combination can bring out intensity and drama. Even in the professional sphere, Lilith person is candid and true to their authentic nature which can cause a ripple effect that is both shocking and tumultuous.

Lilith person can help House 10 person achieve breakthroughs in career but can also challenge House 10 person's reputation. House 10 person may be intrigued by Lilith person's unique sense of creativity but is otherwise overwhelmed at times by House 10 person's intensity.

Lilith person may rise to greater success and visibility as a result of House 10 person's influence and in doing so can share their message of radical self acceptance and empowerment.

Lilith person can help House 10 person become comfortable challenging the status quo and can even become a mentor or role model for others who are on the verge of dramatic breakthroughs.

Lilith person can help House 10 person validate their deeper intuition and instincts. House 10 person can help Lilith person transform their deeper emotions into career path that leads to public recognition and success.

Synastry Lilith in the other person's 11th house: How do you help expand each other’s sense of identity and progressive ideals?

This is a dramatic and eccentric pairing.

Lilith person can be free to be genuine to their deep inner longings and instincts thanks to House 11 person. House 11 person is free thinking and Lilith person is freedom loving. Both respect each other’s need for independence and completely understand the instinct to connect and repel social contacts in balance.

Lilith person and House 11 person can have a sizzling affair pushing the boundaries of conventional sexual exploration. They may also be helpful allies as rebels and activists.

Both are drawn to each other for their intensity and eccentricity. Lilith person is more singularly focused on their own plight while House 11 person is caring and sensitive to their role in the community and society at large.

Both can balance these perspectives and will not have to work too hard to avoid clashing as they both understand each other’s need to stand out and not be confined or contained.

Synastry Lilith in the other person's 12th house: How do you foster deeper spiritual connection in this relationship?

This connection can bring about dramatic change and transformation by challenging each partner to let go of their ego desires and be open to deep connection with others.

Lilith person will struggle to not feel overwhelmed by House 12 person's emotional nature and deep, overbearing moods. While Lilith person doesn’t want to be smothered by House 12 person, they have a common bond in their experiences of emotions that are hard to contain.

Lilith person is easily moved by intuition and emotion, as is House 12 person. Rather than looking for ways to suppress or channel such energy for spirituality and healing, however, Lilith person may just seem to be out of control in their emotional expression.

This can seem overwhelming and dramatic for House 12 person to deal with. House 12 person seeks emotional security while Lilith person breaks all the rules.

Still there is a common desire for self-acceptance and validation of intuition and instinct that helps these two connect.

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