Transiting Sun on natal Lilith

    By 12andus

    Sun-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Sun conjunct natal Lilith

    Charisma and creativity are unleashed during this transit. You may feel the need to express your independence.

    While you can step into positions of leadership, your ultimate goal will be your desire for recognition and freedom, not benevolence to society. You may become more accepting of your sexuality and take pride in both the creative and destructive aspects of your personality.

    You may become more flirtatious and playful. Your edgy side can come forward as well but you are drawn to the arts and theater to express your Shadow side.

    You’ll rebel against anyone who tries to criticize your identity or appearance or who tries to get you to contain your unique individual energy.

    Transiting Sun sextile natal Lilith

    You can easily begin to open up to your inner longings and desires and express your edgy side.

    You may become more intensely drawn to express your edgy, wild side now. Independence and sexual freedom are high priority and you have no problem pursuing exactly what you want.

    Transiting Sun square natal Lilith

    You may have to work through challenges and power struggles in order to accept and assert your true inner nature now.

    You may feel suppressed or confined by others especially for your sexual and individual desires.

    Transiting Sun trine natal Lilith

    It is easier for you to embrace your creative side and make peace with your raw, edgy and rebellious nature.

    You can easily express your deeper fantasies with confidence and creativity during this time.

    Transiting Sun opposite natal Lilith

    This can be a powerful time for transformation and expressing your rebellious nature, yet you will also encounter dramatic challenges.

    Pride and ego can get in the way of your ability to decipher self-expression and resiliency from outright tantrums. You may think you’re being carefree and independent when in fact you may be burning important bridges.

    Your ability to calculate your talents, leadership, influence and aspects of your identity may be slightly off. You may go to extremes of over and underestimating yourself. You may also be suspicious of true allies and become attracted to people who play on your ego but are not genuine.

    Transiting Sun quincunx natal Lilith

    You will have to face past rage and repression in order to really feel free to express your creative desires, passions and inner sexual nature.

    You will have opportunities to use creativity to embrace your unique sexuality and wild side.

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