Transiting Moon on natal Lilith

By 12andus

Moon-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Moon conjunct natal Lilith

Your deep desires and subconscious dreams can be acted out on impulse now. If you’re not careful, you may run the gamut of rage, euphoria, despair and many other emotions.

You may have eruptions of emotion that you can’t fully explain but also feel deeply in touch with your intuition. You are intensely emotional and may feel like all your deeply hidden rage is bubbling up to the surface, your inhibitions gone.

You may desire understanding and support from others and feel abandoned or rejected by those who can’t keep up with your extremely emotional highs and lows during this time.

Feeling suffocated by those who are trying to be supportive will be intolerable for you and as much as you may want to feel nurtures, you may rebel against anyone who feels like an overprotective parent.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Lilith

It’s easy to express your intuitive, emotional and edgy nature during this time. You may feel free to let out suppressed emotion and follow your intuition now.

This is an important time to follow your instincts even if you have to reject the status quo.

Transiting Moon square natal Lilith

You will feel frustrated as your emotions and intuition are met with resistance or suppression by others.

During this time you may have trouble finding validation for your emotions or feel alienated because of your sexual desires.

You may also feel insecure and have to work harder to feel at home or emotionally secure.

Transiting Moon trine natal Lilith

Your greatest assets and creative abilities stem from your intuition and raw emotion now.

You are likely to find it easy to express your raw inner emotions and assert your need for independence from family and home life as well.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Lilith

Your intuitive, instinctive nature may be at odds with your deep urges for freedom. Unresolved anger and unconscious traumas may compel your actions.

Your emotions may come to rule your decisions and you may not be completely consciously aware of the level of rage and angst you’ve been feeling. You may have inaccurate assumptions ruling your instincts. Among these may be misguided insecurities, paranoia and jealousies.

Without intending to, you may sabotage your own keen intuition by reacting impulsively based on emotion. Your moods may be more intense than usual and your desire for security and independence may cause you to reject or rebel from family and home.

You may feel compelled to strike out on your own and alienate yourself from family relationships. You may also reject parts of your heritage, tradition or other connections to home.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Lilith

You are going to feel your insecurities are being triggered and your sense of alienation or suppression by others is heightened now.

You can come to accept your intuitive, emotional, compassionate nature and this can become a source of confidence now, but you will have to make some adjustments to validate your inner, rebellious nature.

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