Transiting Mercury on natal Lilith


    Mercury-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Lilith

    Deep emotional instincts and unresolved anger can fuel your thought process and communication.

    You may feel an erratic and intense urge to dredge up unresolved pain and anger from the past. At the same time, you are likely to want to intellectualize your feelings but will not be able to suppress your emotions.

    This is an important time for you to put your deeper wounds and instincts into writing or create channeled or inspired writing. You may feel called to speak up for people who are ostracized.

    You won’t let anyone stifle your ideas or emotions. You are a free thinker and may become obsessive about your passions and interests. There’s no moderation in your thinking or communication and you may speak impulsively and emotionally.

    Transiting Mercury sextile natal Lilith

    Your mindset and communication style easily help you express your unique ideas and rebellious nature now.

    You can speak truth to power without negative social consequences and others will respect your honesty now.

    Transiting Mercury square natal Lilith

    You may have to overcome insecurities and obstacles to honor your true message and let your voice be heard now.

    This is an important time to overcome hesitations to self expression now.

    Transiting Mercury trine natal Lilith

    It’s easy to express your intuition and rebellious ideas now. You’re more likely to be convincing and influential to others even if you share radical or unusual ideas.

    You may become more free and open about expressing your sexual desires during this time.

    Transiting Mercury opposite natal Lilith

    Your intellect works against your deeper emotions and desire for independence at this time. You may feel on edge and your past wounds and unacknowledged rage boils to the surface easily now.

    You may feel easily triggered to lash out yet try to channel your energy into logical, intellectual and sarcastic communication. Your writing and speaking style will likely reflect this intensity and unbridled anger.

    Your insistence on having your own way and refusal to conform to anyone else’s ideas can lead you to take extremist views now. You may end up sabotaging some of your relationships because of your desire to assert your independence and will and inflexibility with adapting to others’ views.

    Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Lilith

    This is a difficult time for you to trust your instincts. You may have to adjust and reconsider some of your ideas and beliefs.

    Miscommunications are likely to trigger your rage and suppressed inner feelings. You need to adjust your expectations in order to accept your message and ideas as valid now.

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