Transiting Venus on natal Lilith

By 12andus

Venus-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Venus conjunct natal Lilith

During this time, you are driven to express your raw, unbridled emotion through relationships and sexuality. You may become aware of the value of your financial and personal assets and use these to assert your independence.

You may now become more aware of your beauty and as you find your passion and love for life you will insist on expressing your independence. You may crave connection and affection but need to have emotional connection on your own terms.

You will crave a partner who is as passionate and independent as you are and who can respect and admire your deeper instincts and full range of emotions.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Lilith

Your passions and desires are amplified now. Greater emphasis is given to your sexual freedom and unique sense of beauty.

You may find unusual outlets for your desires and may feel intensely drawn to people who are dark, edgy and who validate your wild inner nature.

Transiting Venus square natal Lilith

Your desires and sexual interests may surge now though you are likely to feel suppressed and rejected because of your romantic or sexual interests.

You may also have to struggle to assert your independence even within sexual or romantic relationships during this time.

Be true to yourself and open about your deeper desires. You may have to redefine or refine your mission in a relationship.

Transiting Venus trine natal Lilith

Your deep desires and sexual interests are easily and openly expressed. Even when you push the envelope and express your interests in rebellious ways, your passion and desires are embraced by others.

You can be more successful asserting your independence and staying true to your authentic wild inner nature than though conformity now.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Lilith

This is a tumultuous time for your relationships and partnerships and you can work past unresolved wounds or sabotage yourself.

You are inclined to bring power and passion into your relationship but will not compromise on your values. You may find untapped rage exploding out in all directions. This provides a needed release and also can be rewarding, but will first bring tension and friction into the partnership.

You may be focused on expressing your sexuality and may push boundaries, breaking outside of the confines of social norms or social pressures. Your desire for freedom can lead you to end or sabotage important relationships.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Lilith

Your deep desires and sexual interests are at odds with the status quo currently.

You can come to greater acceptance of yourself and your sexual nature and inner beauty during this time.

Doing so is not easy, however and you will have to face your own past traumas and deeper inner rage in order to overcome suppressive messages from society and embrace your true inner desires.

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