Transiting Mars on natal Lilith

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    Mars-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Mars conjunct natal Lilith

    This is a time of intense passion and expression of outrage. You may be hyperfocused on your goals and ambitions and refuse to let anyone interfere with your vision and independence.

    You may become obsessed, jealous and paranoid and the dark side of your ambition can emerge now. Even though you are fueled by deep emotions and outrage, you can tap into this energy to find endless motivation and drive now.

    You may feel propelled by additional courage and confidence now. This is a time to act on your deeper instincts and intuition. You may feel a sense of urgency about your need to protect yourself and your property or territory.

    Suspicions of others’ motives may be heightened during this time. You are acutely tuned in to potential threats or danger and may take independence to extremes.

    Transiting Mars sextile natal Lilith

    This is an intense time and your passion and power are triggered. You’ll easily express your inner desires and passions both in sexual and other personal relationships.

    You can openly assert your desires and may pursue independence and ambition through your personal life or sexual connections during this time.

    Transiting Mars square natal Lilith

    You can challenge convention by pushing the boundaries now. Your desires and need for independence and autonomy can lead you to strike out in new directions.

    At the same time, your deep passions for freedom and success can lead you to push through challenging situations and demand validation and acceptance.

    Transiting Mars trine natal Lilith

    You can easily funnel your passion into rebellious and ambitious endeavors now. You can impulsively strike out in new directions.

    Rather than causing conflict, though, your determination and focus gains you further respect now. You are seen by others as being courageous and a groundbreaking rebel now.

    Transiting Mars opposite natal Lilith

    You will feel instinctively compelled to stand up for your needs and pursue your personal ambitions.

    You may feel driven to extremes in order to protect your interests. Your desire for security may have you on edge and it is likely that you will feel the impulsive need to push back against anyone who appears to infringe on your rights or independence.

    Your deep and buried anger and rage can bubble up to the surface and you may try to suppress your deeper feelings but this will not be sustainable. Even when you try to remain in control, you will feel like you are being led by your passions and desires rather than your logical mind.

    Transiting Mars quincunx natal Lilith

    You may have to face friction between your desire for freedom, independence and expression of your passions and social conventions.

    Your ambitions and desires, both sexual and in personal life or career, are a driving force now and you can feel agitated if you are being suppressed, controlled or rejected by others.

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